Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes (June 2018)

Added on Friday, May 11, 2018 in Single Entry Sweepstakes
Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes (June 2018)

Did you find the hidden horseshoe in the June 2018 issue of the Country Living Magazine? Enter this Country Living Sweepstakes and you could win this month’s prize – a galvanized party bucket wagon from Pottery Barn valued at $199.

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Official Rules

Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes Rules

  • Who Can Enter? The Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who have reached the age of majority in their state or territory of residence at time of entry.
  • When To Enter? Sweepstakes begins on May 8, 2018 at 12:01 AM (ET) and ends on June 11, 2018 at 11:59 PM (ET).
  • What Is The Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes Prize? The Grand Prize consists of a Galvanized Metal Rolling Wagon Party Bucket.
  • Who Are The Country Living Sweepstakes Winners?  For the name of the Winner, send a separate self-addressed, stamped envelope Country Living Magazine Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes June 2018 Winners’ List, Hearst Communications, Inc., 2901 2nd Ave S., Suite 270; Birmingham, AL 35233 within 2 months from the Winner notification date.


Comments (48 Messages)

Alice Brown
Apr 2, 2017 9:04

I’ve spent over an hour this month (May Issue) and have not found the Horseshoe entry form. I’ve had this same difficulty for all attempst at entering the contest. Each time I do find the horseshoe and try to enter the page number it was found on, but have never found the current magazine issue for the entry form. I have had this subscription going on two years. The next time it comes up for renewal, I will be thinking twice. It would be nice to hear from someone at Country Living – Find the Horseshoe.

Anita Record
Apr 2, 2017 21:34


Apr 3, 2017 8:13

There are too many screens to go through to reach the sweepstakes form and then it takes to a form to buy your magazine, I already have a subscription! I only want to fill out the form on where I found the horseshoe. Most of the screens take you back to the previous screen. I think it is all a “smoke screen”

Chitra Ramcharandas
Apr 6, 2017 14:37

Why do you make it so difficult to enter!!! Give us an easier form. Finding the horshoe is a battle! Getting an entry form is a war!!
Send me an entry form please. ????

bobbie gulick
Apr 7, 2017 17:34

i love this countryliving magazine and 1st time enter find the horseshoe sweepstakes enjoyed this issue and love to read it more then once and learn something new each time I read it

Judy Eckert
Apr 8, 2017 10:10

I agree with above comments. I cannot get to entry form. it is impossible and wastes so much time.I certainly lose interest In Country Living and their promotions.

k. moreno
May 2, 2017 13:34

cannot reach the entry form for the horseshoe contest???? It is May 2, how do I enter by May 8.

larry anderson
May 12, 2017 11:09

I think the “enter horseshoe contest” is a scam!!!!

P. Lineberry
May 15, 2017 18:48

I found the horseshoe and the entry form was very easy to get to. ??

Loretta Russell
Jun 17, 2017 10:25

I agree that I find it difficult to locate the form for the horseshoe contest. I can only hope that this it. I found the horse shoe on page 84.

carol mowrey
Jun 17, 2017 20:25

can you people make this contest any more difficult? I don’t think so!
It wasn’t difficult to find the horseshoe and now I cannot enter the contest.
Thanks for nothing!

Bob Hagan
Jun 18, 2017 11:52

I received my magazine 5 days after the (on or about date) this must eliminate a lot of subscribers !

Patricia Thornton
Jun 18, 2017 14:52

Like the others before me I am having BIG problems with entering conttest. If it is this bad for so many why don’t you fix the problem???? If you don’t fix it I can easily take my dollars elsewhere.

Jill A Winebrenner
Jun 19, 2017 8:05

I couldn’t get to the login to put the page number in for the July/August horseshoes entry. I did find the page 84 and the horseshoe is on the shelf with the double lamp. Thank you. Would love to win and give it to my husband for our 49th Anniversary!!!

Jill A. Winebrenner

Linda C
Jun 19, 2017 12:22

do i really have to send you a SASE envelope to find out if I won?
You have all the info of all the entries on the entry forms.
Also, you have the date of the drawing as June 12, which is before this sweepstakes begins… typo?

Nancy Hodge
Jun 19, 2017 16:19

I cannot get any further than finding the horse shoe and trying to get a form.. It is a scam I’m thinking because for months I’ve located it and cannot find any of your forms to fill out. This is ridiculous. Why have a contest if you cannot enter it? Nancy H.

Lili Manning
Jun 20, 2017 5:42

Love your magazine, but such a waste of time trying to get to the site!!!!!

Natasha bookout
Jun 20, 2017 10:30

Yes, its very difficult and confusing to find, The Yeti is the fisrt time I found the entry forms after MANY trys. I did finally get it maybe by accident? But never the less finally found the entry form. I want tha tyeti for my vintage trailer/camper its the same color!

C rechtin
Jun 20, 2017 13:01

I got my first script in the mail yesterday…found the horseshoe (which is fun to look for),
went right to the site, filled it out in 10 seconds..boom..done. very easy…thank you country living!

Charlotte Barber
Jun 25, 2017 10:05

Entry form was NOT available why? I follow your instruction to the letter. Something is not right.about this contest

Jun 28, 2017 20:46

I don’t believe the horseshoe is required, optional

Jul 5, 2017 8:33

Winner drawn on June 12, 2017, really sweepstakes period begins June 13- July 25?

Jul 29, 2017 9:52

I just entered the September 2017 for finding the horse shoe and It went through ok but says will send a free issue. I don’t need that as already receive the Magazine. That shouldn’t be there and waste of your time and mine when get 2 issues.

Kathleen Husting
Jul 31, 2017 12:45

Like Judy, I entered the horseshoe contest, only to be told I will be getting a free issue that as a subscriber I don’t need. Please be clearer and offer the “I already subscribe” option. I’ve loved your magazine for years and you tricked me.

Millie McClave
Aug 2, 2017 8:14 Make sure you click on the “Don’t want to subscribe” if you don’t want to subscribe. It will take you to the right form to fill out! Good luck everyone!

Ellen Atchison
Sep 6, 2017 7:50

I love Country Living and look forward to reading it each month. My husband enjoys reading it, as well. Good job on the cover, too! Cute, cute, cute! Perfect for Fall! I just told my hubby that we need a new chair for our living room so maybe we will win that beautiful piece of furniture! If not, it’s okay…we will still have fun lookin for the horseshoe in every issue! Keep on doing an amazing job! Ellen Atchison, Milton, Fl.

Annie Hasert
Sep 6, 2017 12:26

I already receive country living magazine. I DO NOT want a free trial. Cancel any issues you may want to send. I thought this was a contest NOT a subscription scam!

Sep 20, 2017 3:46

Annie Hasert it’s not a scam, you just didn’t read the entire instructions

Oct 20, 2017 17:08

I entered the sweepstake and had a message pop up that I had subscribed to the magazine for a fee of 15.99?
I already receive the magazine, what gives, form says no purchase necessary to enter.!!!

Oct 20, 2017 17:10

No where on my form is there a place to not subscribe.

Mary Ann Starnes
Nov 14, 2017 21:28

20 fruitless minutes and I still cannot find the sweepstakes site. Why does it have to be this hard? I definitely feel duped.

Andrea Schull
Jan 4, 2018 3:05

I too am having great difficulty finding the entry form. Why can’t it just be cut and dry ie. month of contest, your information, page you found horseshoe on then…
Click to enter …..DONE!!
It should not be any more difficult than that. I will be reconsidering whether this magazine is honest and if I really want a magazine who dupes its patrons in to believing they have a chance in winning something!!

Laurie Pallenik
Jan 12, 2018 20:59

This is ridiculous. All I want to do is enter a contest to win a cute cross-stitch kit. I do not want to try stupid vitamins, audible books and all the other junk that pops up. How dare a professional company like you trick people into purchasing other products. This is the first time I’ve tried to enter the horseshoe contest and will be my last. You can keep your prize and your magazine. I will not renew my subscription for sure. What a disgusting way to run a business.

Feb 12, 2018 17:29

Why do I have to get a facebook account to enter the find the horseshoe contest? You take my money through credit card or check…not facebook.

Martha Jean Shook
Feb 27, 2018 7:28

Well, I have to agree. It is the actual date the April issue “find the horseshoe” starts, there is no update on this one. Only February. And as for the entry form, no access to that either. It must be a shame. You really don’t won’t anyone to win. what a shame, on you.

Elaine LaJoie
Mar 5, 2018 15:57

I found the horseshoe on page 1. It is on the porch by the dog.

Ann McCleon
Mar 5, 2018 19:52

Horseshoe found on page1, on white planter box.

Candace Smith
Mar 10, 2018 10:35

The same photo is on page 75 and 78, in addition to phase one so which one do you use to answer the sweepstakes.

Patricia Homola-Portuondo
Mar 12, 2018 16:08

What a pain in the arse! Finding the horse shoe was a breeze compared to trying to enter the contest. Thanks I’ll go buy a new pedal bike and be done with it!

Terry Lloyd
Mar 13, 2018 9:27

The hidden horseshoe appears on a flower box on page 1 of the April 2018 Country Living issue. I have been a subscriber to Country Living for many years. The bike will get a lot of use during my retirement!

Beverly Ervin
Apr 8, 2018 18:04

What is going on? There is no place to enter the pages where the horseshoes are. What a scam, I expected more from CL.

Leslie Lortz
Apr 11, 2018 19:23

First time trying to enter this contest & yes, they have made it virtually impossible o do so. Guess I could have built my own table in the time wasted navigating contest site.

Jacqueline Paradis
May 13, 2018 7:22

The horseshoe is on page 75 in third shelf down.

May 13, 2018 10:40

Find horseshoe page 75 June issue

May 15, 2018 14:49

I read your magazine , find the horse shoe, and couldn’t find how to complete the entry to try and win the prize. If there is one,I couldn’t find..I don’t want to think this is a scam, but it may be..June issue horseshoe is on page 75. It is on the 3rd shelf down,on the left side of page, in front of 3 white books..not fair..we look, we find it, and no way to win..I’m very disappointed..Very.. I can’t enjoy reading the magazine but just not into it as I was because your not honest..very disappointed and sad..Barbara

Beverly Anderson
May 15, 2018 18:53

Horseshoe found on page 75 on third shelf down

May 16, 2018 9:01

Page 75 in the bookcase

Gail Scheuneman
May 16, 2018 13:22

Horseshoe on page 75 top left picture third shelf down in middle

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