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Eligibility : Open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.

Promotion Period : Beginning 12:00:01 AM CT on 5/23/11 through 11:59:59 PM CT on 5/29/11

Enter At :

Limit : ???

Prize (s) :

Two (2) Grand Prizes (1 available to winning Entrant in each category). Each Grand Prize winner will receive their choice of either (a) a 2-day/1-night trip for winner and 1 guest to Los Angeles, California for winner to visit the set of a SONIC commercial in approximately June/July, 2011 or, (b) a check for $1,000. Trip prize includes round-trip coach air transportation for Grand Prize winner and guest from gateway airport nearest winner’s home, hotel accommodations (one room, double-occupancy) and round-trip ground transportation between destination airport/hotel/studio. Taxes, meals, gratuities, travel upgrades, or any other expenses not specifically listed herein are the responsibility of winner. Winners must book travel through Sponsor or its designated agents and accept the flights offered by Sponsor or its agents in its sole discretion. Travel and accommodations subject to availability; certain restrictions and blackout dates may apply. Sponsor is not liable for delays, cancellation or unforeseen events related to the flights. Sponsor will not replace any lost, mutilated, or stolen tickets, travel vouchers or certificates. (ARV of each Grand Prize trip: $3,150).

Winner List : To receive the names of winners by e-mail, send an e-mail to with WINNERS 7066 as the subject line. Requests must be received by 6/12/11. The names of the winners will be sent after all winners have been verified.

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Jun 5, 2011 11:27

the chicago dog named chicago tells his girlfriend new york a new york dog that hes moving to chicago and they’re going to have to break up when they do they fall apart

Jun 5, 2011 11:51

a woman and Chriss angel are in the drive thru, when chriss angel is magically eating his burger without his mouth. While the women is watching him she smiles and goes to eat her burger and realizes hers is nothing more then the wrapper in her hand. Then he says “heres another trick” and all you hear is soda slurping thru a straw.
(if i dont win, this is set up!!) skem

Emily Caron!
Jun 26, 2011 17:53

I would really want to win a trip to Las Angelas to see how a Sonic commercial is made but stay two extra days to go shopping on Rodeo Drive and go to Malabu beach.

Jul 1, 2011 0:56

Okay bigfoot and the abominable snowman are secretly meetings in the parking lot of sonic in cheap disguises. Enjoying some of sonics great foods they laugh and joke about how they have evaded human all these years. Suddenly a woodsman comes up and say ‘hey, don’t I know you??……….?

Jul 6, 2011 15:48

OK, a cat with a moustache asks for a hotdog, and the waitor with rollerskates comes with the hotdog as a dog, and the hotdog chases the cat, and the waitor falls down. Then, the cat lands on a person’s plate, and then the cat throws a shake. The dog licks the shake on his face, and the person says, “Well, that’s how you SHAKE IT UP!”

Geneva Nelson
Jul 7, 2011 16:59

Mother,holding sonic cup(with loadsof drink buddies hanging from it) ,pulls up to order a Wackie Pack.Takes the toy out (for herself) turns to back seat,hads food to tator tot child,just as another mother pulls up next to her.Wearing drink buddies as long earrings and holding a sonic cup with drink buddies covering the lid, with tator tot child in back of her car, both moms look at each other and mouth WACKY

Kay Collinsworth
Jul 16, 2011 17:30

astronauts at the space station talking back and forth about sonic burgers and foot long coneys. One of them places an order, then a carhop on jet power skates takes off to deliver their meal to the space station. Thats what i call service and everyone laughs.

Aug 1, 2011 9:34

A guy with black sunglasses walks up to the camera and says I’m smooth. Then a nerd walks up and says im smoother. The sunglasses guy asks how and the nerd says because I have a sonic smoothie and you have a cheap pair of sunglasses

devin bell
Aug 8, 2011 5:49

a man comes out of no where with a sonic slushhi and his hand
and runs around everywhere screaming in peoples face (so good make you want to slap your
mama) so the mom comes outside and he slaps the taste out her mouth and the man says

Aug 14, 2011 0:39

* = Actions
A man drives to a Sonic Fast Food drive through, with his son in the front seat playing video games while he orders two Chili-cheese-coneys from the female cashier, who says that they are unfortunately sold out of the Chili-cheese-coneys. Just as the guy complains and wonders aloud how they can be sold out, the son hears a noise outside the window, so he looks to see Sonic the Hedgehog tossing a Chili-cheese-coney in the air, catching it in his mouth in one gulp like a cartoon, saying ‘see ya’, winking, and tossing a ring to the boy, who catches it as Sonic runs off. The boy exclaims in aw.:

Cashier: Welcome to Sonic, may I take your order?
Man: Yea, we’ll have two Chili-cheese-coneys, some fries, and–
Cashier: Sorry, sir. Our Chili-cheese-coneys are all sold out.
Man:*surprised* How can you be sold out?
Son:*hears something out the window and looks out* ?
Sonic:*tosses a Chili-cheese-coney up in the air, and catches it in his mouth in one gulp* Mm! That sure is good! *looks over at the kid, winks, and tosses a ring at him* See ya! *dashes off*
Son:*catches it* Whoa…

I figure you probably would have to get permission from Sega, but I’m sure if they let you guys do this, it’d be both for both companies. I’d imagine that Sonic the Hedgehog would likely be either cartoon or computer animated and either in classic or modern style.

Aug 14, 2011 11:34

So a group full of teenager rockers pull up to sonice drive through the girl with pink hair says “Ill take a pumpikin pie shake” and pink haired girl and spike hair dude pull up to the drive through when the waiter hands them a drink suddenly!!!! the shake starts glowing and sahking and in the back of the car pops in Ozzy Osbourne and Angus Young and then they all order shakes and Angus says “How bout them shakes?”

Aug 14, 2011 22:02

i would love to win. have never been on a play and i have never been on vacation. i hope i win

ronald keith craker
Aug 15, 2011 10:56

in the 1970’s a teenage roller skater gets carhop job at sonic, but he/she cann,t skate. manager says okey as long as new carhop doesn,t spill any drinks,etc. flash foward to present 2011, same carhop (now 60+ years old) still cann,t skate but when he/she waits on customer the manager says carhop is getting better and besides that he/she still hasn,t spilled a single drink yet. so they,re still giving the carhop the benefit of the doubt!!! ( i would like to star as the old carhop if you want to turn this into a con\mmercial, so there,)

michael caliente
Sep 5, 2011 19:22

three guy’s take the same girl out on three seperate dates( shes very hot looking) first guy pulls up in a high end sports car( he’s handsome ) takes her to a movie. at the end of the night he walks her to the door the girl shows a disappointed look gives a peck on the cheek goodnight to the young man. a second guy pulls up in a limo gets out opens the door for the youn girl( he’s also fairlly handsome) off they go to a major event concert again when they arrive back at the young girls house. the girl looks dissaponted,she gives the young man a peck on the cheek goodnight. a third guy pulls up he,s a little narly looking but cool,( type of guy you would root for, an underdog) his car is older, probably bought it himelf,it is smoking lightly. the next scene is both of them eating and enjoying food in a sonics parking lot. milkshakes. burgers etc….commercial ends with the young man’s car parked under the moon and stars so audience can see a lovers lane sign. its that good!

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