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Eligibility : The Survivor Casting Call Contest is offered and open to persons who are: (a) “Registered Users” [for purposes of these Official Rules, Registered User(s) means a person that has successfully completed the registration form and has obtained a user identification (“ID”) and associated password (“Password”) on one or more of the following CBSI Websites:,, and/or; (b) legal residents of one (1) of the fifty (50) United States or District of Columbia; and (c) at least eighteen (18) or age of majority in their state of residence and older at the date of entry in this Contest.

Promotion Period : The Survivor Casting Call Contest begins on January 18, 2010 at 5:00:00 PM PT and ends at 11:59:00 PM PT on March 5, 2010 (the “Promotion Period”). The Video Upload period (the “Entry Period”) begins on 1/18/10 at 5:00:00 PM PT and ends on 2/21/10 at 11:59:59 PM PT.

How To Enter : To enter this Contest, Participants must go to during the Entry Period and complete the Contest entry form

Limit : Limit of one (1) Promotion Video per person during the Promotion Period.

Prize (s):

Winner will get a three (3) night trip to Los Angeles for a live audition to be considered for selection to participate on the Survivor 21/22 Show (“Prize”). The Winner will meet with Survivor casting team for an in-person audition and the chance to become the newest castaway on the Survivor 21/22 Show. Trip consists of round-trip coach air transportation for Winner to Los Angeles, California from a single major U.S. airport nearest Winner’s home (departure airport determined solely by Sponsor), double occupancy standard hotel accommodations for three (3) nights, admission to the Survivor 21/22 Show auditions presently scheduled for on or about April 2010 (subject to change), ground transfers in Los Angeles from hotel to studio.Estimated retail value of the Prize is $4,500.

Winners : For the names of the 10 finalists send a self-addressed stamped envelope for receipt by April 30, 2010 to “Winners’ list: Survivor Casting Call Contest” c/o CBS Interactive Inc., 1401 W. Cypress Creek Rd., Suite 200, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. For a copy of the Official Rules send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the above address marked “Official Rules: “Survivor Casting Call Contest” for receipt by March 15, 2010; residents from VT may omit postage on the self-addressed envelope. The Official Rules will be posted on the CBS Service.

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Edward M Wilcox
Dec 15, 2010 19:22

I am a retired military man. I was in Engineers. I am still in very good health. I keep very active.Watching your shows I think I would be a very good survivor. I would like the oppertunity to be able to go for the survivor try out.

Gary Martin Jr
Dec 19, 2010 20:03

My name is Gary 33 father of 2 married I drive truck for a living, I want to be next survivor so I can get my loveing wife a new home and things for my kids that I can’t do now.

Ray Lowe
Dec 20, 2010 5:25

I am 41 years old and a father of 6. I have applied to be on Survivor 4 other times, but to no avail. What makes me an excellent candidate is that I have drive and determination. I am a school teacher (one that will NEVER quit), a football coach and a Christain! I have already run a half marathon and am currently training to run in a full marathon in May of 2011. Give me a shot…. you will not regret it.

Joyce Evans
Dec 20, 2010 18:21

You just had the youngest winner and i would love to be the oldest player. I am older than Jane and Jimmy Johnson and in excellent shape. Coming from good German stock, I was mortified when Naonka and Purple Kelly quit. QUIT?!?!?!? I would be willing to die on the beach from old age like Miss Blankinship died at her desk on Mad Men. I was voted “Most likely to be on Survivor” at my County job and have saved 300 vacation hours in case I am called. Try me…you’ll like me!

Gail Ham
Dec 20, 2010 19:30

My name is Gail and I am 43yrs young , I have applied 7 times now to be the ultimate survivor.
Bummer that they choose people who really don’t want to be there. I love the show, It is the
only show that I am 100% dedicated to. I deserve as much chance as the next person to play the

alfred peralta
Dec 21, 2010 19:22

my name is peppy….. i’am a river boat captain, been on the river for 38 years……. i have always wanted a chance to be on survivor, i think i have what it take to become a survivor………. i was raise in new orleans, i quess you would call me a coonass……….i’am 57 years old and in good shape………so here i am willing and ready to play the game like i think i know how………….if you are ready i am……… thanks…….

callahan ruiz
Dec 25, 2010 17:05

my name is callahan im 24 years old and i know i would be an outstanding choice for survivor. I am not the brights color in the box but i give all my passion in everything i do. i would really love to have a change to be on survivor for the drama and my favorite part the challanges. I am very competitve and i know how to play the game. pick me and im sure i will make the all star team.

Anthony oyeyemi
Dec 26, 2010 20:21

Hello, my name is Anthony and I am 23 years old. I know for a fact that I am the perfect competitor for this show because I was born and raised in Nigeria before coming to united states 5 years ago. I speak six different languages fluently, lived on a farm for 16 years so I believe that I am the perfect candidate for the show since I compete to survive every single day of my life.

Sandra Wa;ker
Dec 27, 2010 11:56

A country girl, born in the first mountains of Georgia, I can ring a chicken’s neck, shoot, boil and scrape a hog, or win a beauty contest.
I enjoy camping, fishing hunting, politics and being a owner of a small business. I know I can win
survivor, because I have had to work hard, earn my keep at the age of 13, going thru many hardships.
I am a tuff cookie.

Heinz Engel
Jan 12, 2011 16:47

I’ve applied to get on survivor 3 times already. I grew up on a farm where we lived like “little house on the prairie” so I know how to make a shelter to stay warm and dry. I had to dig a well 35″ deep by hand because my father said he would not pay for someone to drill when i was able to dig it by hand. I’ve made bows and home made arrows to kill things like rabbits for supper. My father said if you can make it why buy it. I’ve started fires using my shoelace some sticks and moss and a rock. I’ve never seen anyone on survivor whose ever played ice hockey or worked at the county landfill.I’ve been a firefighter, peace officer,truck driver,railroad section hand, plus many other jobs. The one thing I can say is when one job was done on Friday I had another one on Monday morning. I’m 60 yrs young and I’ve been told by my co-workers I have the energy of a 40 yr old. I’m very enthusiastic, always happy , very optimistic, enjoy meeting people.I’m a team player when needed but I can go it alone if needed. I’m very competitive and stubborn because I want to win. So Survivor give me try you will not regret this decision Heinz 57.

Mark Thornton
Jan 13, 2011 22:59

I will be willing to garauntee an emmy win for survivor if I am put on the show.I can make in controversial or plain fun .I just want to be on it come on people I am 54 just turned it and have a renued energy in life .I really want to be on the show for my own sake I want to prove to my family i am not full of IT .my wife thinks i can ‘t make it .she has no faith pick me guys let me live the dream .

randy howelett
Feb 26, 2012 10:17

plain and simple, I LOVE survivor. Watch it faithfully. love it, want to do it, and my wife says she’d love me for it. I am 53 and keep in good shape by workouts and running. Have me on the show and let me take you all to Randy’s World. It’s a nice place to be.

Jul 22, 2012 21:33

I am a deaf 18 years old man. I want to show the abilities of disabilities, attracts more viewers on this show, and I am sure I will be one of most decent competitors you ever had. I grew up in the city with high crimes and poverty, I need an escape from it, and face a greater challenge, with such a beauty of nature. I am sure I will be one of most odd one, but I will be the most challenge individual you will ever seen. Just pick me and you wont regret. Thanks!!!

Christopher Cherry
Nov 14, 2012 19:15

I think that im the next step for survivor because the kinds of qualitys i have….Such as i work well in team structures and i am very strategic, im strong minded and I will win the 1 million dollars if picked to be on the show. I am marrried twenty one with one kid and another on the way with no income so would help me out to start my own business to provide for my family. I have alot of other problems going on in my life and I will do anthing to win.

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