Oprah 12 Days of Christmas 2020 (OprahMag.com/12Days-2020)

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Oprah 12 Days of Christmas 2020 (OprahMag.com/12Days-2020)

Oprah 12 Days of Christmas 2020: Enter the Oprah 12 Days of Christmas 2020 Giveaway at oprahmag.com/12days-2020 for a chance to win all 2020 O List Favorite Things chosen by Oprah Winfrey.

Eligibility : Oprah Com 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway 2020 is open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia, who are 21 years or older at time of entry.

Promotion Period : The Oprah 12 Day Giveaway begins on November 25, 2020 and ends on December 6, 2020.

Enter At : oprahmag.com/12days-2020

Oprah 12 Days of Christmas 2020 Codes :

  • 11/25/20: 025
  • 11/26/20: 026
  • 11/27/20: 027
  • 11/28/20: 028
  • 11/29/20: 029
  • 11/30/20: 030
  • 12/1/20: 121
  • 12/2/20: 122
  • 12/3/20: 123
  • 12/4/20: 124
  • 12/5/20: 125
  • 12/6/20: 126

Limit : Limit one (1) entry per person per day for Sweepstakes.

Prize (s) :

Twelve (12) Winners will each receive a prize package consisting of one of each of the items chosen by Oprah, listed in the 2020 O List Favorite Things appearing in the December 2020 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. Total ARV: $13,095.56 and (ii) $3,928.67 in a check, which Winners may use, if they so elect, to help defray any tax liability they may incur in connection with their acceptance of the Prize Package. Total ARV per Winner: $17,024.23. Total ARV for all 12 Winners: $204,290.76.

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Comments (32 Messages)

Harriett King
Nov 10, 2020 13:31

Hello Ms opah
I sure want to get in your 12 days of giveaway how do I get into the giveaway I love you I love watching you when you were on TV now with the quarantine I’m at home 24 seven alone I would love to get in 12 day giveaway

pamela galvan
Nov 11, 2020 11:29

you have to have a code to enter would you happen to know what the code is?

Darlene McCurry
Nov 12, 2020 6:35

I would love to be picked for the 12 day giveaway I will be very much appreciate it if I was picked thank you.

Darlene McCurry
Nov 12, 2020 6:41

I love watching your shows on TV even before the quarantine I always wanted to be pick for the 12 days of Christmas Never knew how to go about it I love if you would pick me thank you

Paul Millard
Nov 13, 2020 11:09

Dear Oprah. I doubt you’ll be giving away anything I really need. I do admire when you help people on your show. If everybody with abundance would give to those who need, as you do, the world would be such a better place. Thank you for the entertainment and proving to so many that dreams can come true.

Leasa Swittenberg
Nov 14, 2020 17:42

Lady Oprah you are a beautiful women that encourage so many people. I have watch your show for years and admire your inspiration and leadership that you offer to so many people. Truly it would be a blessing to be on your show to receive the give always. The gifts would be such a blessing that I would be able to bless others on your behalf. A dream come true – I was able to watch you on zoom with the voters series under the Delta guidance. What a beautiful way to open up the window for so many of us to see you again in a different setting.
Thank you in advance
Leasa D. Swittenberg MBA

Joyce Johnson
Nov 15, 2020 11:56

Dear Oprah,I would really love your in the shows on TV i would like to be a winner in the 12- day giveway.

Nov 15, 2020 13:25

I tried to enter the sweepstakes for the 12 days of Christmas, but received a message that entries weren’t being accepted. Please explain. Thank you.

debrah staten
Nov 15, 2020 23:18

how do i get a code

Rosemary R Ashford
Nov 16, 2020 9:02

Hello Elves…after the year we had, I was like I will try anything. So I decided why not try to win Oprah 12 days ,I’ve always watched it on TV wishing I could enjoy some of those favorite things. So for the very first time, I’m taking a chance to enter. Please Pick me! You don’t even have to give me all twelve days .I will take 2 please giggles.

Nov 17, 2020 9:57

Hello all you lovely ladies (and gentleman, Paul, too – nice words and thoughts – I agree!) –

The event starts on November 25th, so you should all come back on that day, when I’m sure the codes will be there for you to enter each day until Dec 6. Good luck!

Carmen Horn
Nov 17, 2020 12:30

I’m confused as to when I can submit my first entry. So does the submitting date start on 11/25 through 12/06 or are those the days that the entries are drawn on?

Susan Fontanella
Nov 17, 2020 13:21

It’s a great gift to bring joy to unhappy to people and you Oprah Winfrey have the ” gift”. Thank you

julie embty
Nov 17, 2020 20:57

I would like to wish all the ladies good luck that will be entering this sweepstakes,you are worth this.
GOOD-LUCK ladies

Naomi Stone
Nov 18, 2020 10:08

THANK YOU for inspiring us first on tv and now celebrating 20 years of your O magazine? You were awesome in Minneapolis again? My jacket is a conversation starter with “Yes I Can!” I am a retired High School Family Life teacher and displayed O on the magazine rack in my classroom.

Naomi Stone
Nov 18, 2020 10:08

THANK YOU for inspiring us first on tv and now celebrating 20 years of your O magazine? You were awesome in Minneapolis again? My jacket is a conversation starter with “Yes I Can!” I am a retired High School Family Life teacher and displayed O on the magazine rack in my classroom.

Jan Edwards
Nov 18, 2020 12:45

I have for years loved Oprah’s favorite things. So excited

Nov 18, 2020 14:51

Everyone–if you are not sure how to do this—Come back on 11/25th …at the link above—the codes will be at the contest link every day. They will show the codes to you every day. Put in the code for that day. There will be 12 different codes on 12 consecutive days, starting the 25th of November ending Dec. 6th. Winners will be picked on or about Dec 7th. Good luck.:)

JoBeth B Corsi
Nov 19, 2020 8:15

I am exciting about the possibilities of winning in your Sweepstakes! I have all the emblems, the codes and pages where I found them. I want to share with you this: The story of The Inheritance moved me to tears yesterday! After losing my mother at the age of 14 with four other siblings, I found myself wondering what connections did I have with my mother and what connections will my daughter, Ashley, will have of me when I am gone from this world. I am going to start now so that when I am not here, she will have things to remember me by. I also love the Rites that Bind and I pulled them out and put them on the refrigerator for other family members to enjoy. Thank you for bringing such a thought provoking magazine to us and we look forward to your next adventure! JoBeth :)

Mandy Evans
Nov 19, 2020 12:21

Helloooo Oprah and staff. I hope you and your families have all found ways to get through this year(we’d all like to be over honestly). As a single mother, you can imagine the difficulties. I also live in Oklahoma City who has just recently lost a lot from our recent ice storm. But through the chaos, I try to stay humble and grateful for the things I have accomplished despite the challenges. I am proud to say I did graduate with an Associate’s degree in Bussiness, and I am now getting certified to become a Professional Home Stager and Redesigner. Moving away from the server life. So when I am financially ready, I can launch my own company. So I’m going out with a bang and signing up for any sweepstakes. I have never done this, so bring on the fun and Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

Freddie Marie Beck
Nov 19, 2020 16:02

Dear Oprah, even if I don’t win any prizes, I can tell my daughter that I had the chance to enter one of your sweepstakes of a lifetime. For the last 12 years, my husband has been battling one illness after another and now I am facing the inevitable fate of being alone after 27 years of being with my love of a lifetime. We have beaten brain cancer, kidney failure, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure, for 12 yrs. with the help of God and a great team of Drs, and nurses. He is a fighter and is still hanging on, but his body tell the sad story of the struggle he’s had. Thanks for the chance to be a part of this give-a-way.

Cheryl Mackey
Nov 20, 2020 0:59

Hello Oprah,

I am so excited …
I am finally after being one of your first O Mag Subscriber.
I am going to try and win something in your December 2020
Volume 21..
What I know for sure…..a message from you Oprah.
You were talking to me….Brought tears to my eyes……Good Tears…
Solid Run,Well Done…
Please continue to make Women Happy With Your O Magazine…#2 bible…..Thank you….Cheryl Mackey

Roslyn A Coulsey
Nov 20, 2020 8:35

Went to list the twelve days and when i put in 025it said it was closed and wouldnt take it. I have all w12 codes

Rosana VL
Nov 21, 2020 20:31

So excited to see and hope to win all of your favorite picks this year. I usually don’t’ enter any sweepstakes but being it’s my 60th birthday in December, I’m feeling a little lucky.

Tamara L Emerson
Nov 21, 2020 22:20

I would love to have the chance to win all these awesome things, what you do this time of year is amazing. I am no one special, a mom,grandmother,great grand mother and nurse doing the best I can to fight this Covid virus each time I walk into work where my patients count on me to care for them or just simply hold their hands and let them know they aren’t alone. They may be missing their families so myself and my co workers try to make them smile and help them to remember all the holidays past,in fact I think I would share a few gifts with some very special friends that may be missing their families this holiday season. It would be fantastic to get all those wonder gifts,I looked at each one and must say you have awesome taste. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Nov 22, 2020 9:43

Just wondering if Canadians can enter your contest ?

Nigel Wood
Nov 22, 2020 12:28

I always watch your program! I’m so happy I get to enter for the 12 Days of Christmas Sweepstakes! I just hope I have a chance.
Thank you very much,
Nigel Wood

Nov 23, 2020 16:45

Dear Ms. Oprah,
Writing to find out how do you submit your name to win 12 days of Sweepstakes.
I’m a retired Elementary teacher. I survived breast cancer and have a daughter that has Autism.
I would like to win something for her. Just being a mom is rewarding. I would like my daughter to have a great Christmas. I appreciate anything she can win. Thank you for being a “POSITIVE ROLE MODEL FOR BLACK WOMAN!!!! Thank God we are here to live another day. Thank you again Love ya Dimples

Nov 23, 2020 18:02



Shirrelle Smith
Nov 24, 2020 6:40

Thanks for All the good you have done in this World. May God continue to bless.

Maria Dibona
Nov 24, 2020 6:47

I have been a faithful follower for many years. From tv shows, magazine, books, cookbooks. It really is disappointing that you can not reach out to your Canadian admirers for your contest. Too bad for us.

Phyllis DiAmbrosio
Nov 24, 2020 13:29

Where does one “enter” to register

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