Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Room Rescue Sweepstakes

Added on Thursday, October 21, 2010 in Daily Entry Sweepstakes, Gift Card Sweepstakes

Eligibility : The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Room Rescue Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington D.C., who are at least 18 years of age and who have an active e-mail account and Internet access prior to the beginning of the Promotion Period

Promotion Period : The Sweepstakes begins at 12:01 p.m. Eastern Time (“ET”) on 10/15/10 and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on 12/17/10 (“Promotion Period”).

Enter at: http://abc.go.com/shows/extreme-makeover-home-edition/room-rescue

Limit : Limit one (1) Entry per person per day during the Promotion Period

Prize (s):

One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive a $10,000 Sears Gift Card.

Winner List : For the name of the winner, mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Room Rescue Winner”, c/o LeadDog Marketing Group, 159 W. 25th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001. All such requests must be received within four (4) weeks after the end of the Promotion Period.


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judith smith
Oct 21, 2010 14:54

Watch HGTV all the time, would love to win the Dream home in NYC

Catherine Jennifer Fusco
Nov 20, 2010 7:03

I did not have a life threatening event,nor anything that considered ,as a tradegy..I’d like to know if ’emotional Rescue” has anything to do w/ my dilema re:having my room done,as I have been so depressed during this time,however I live in a beautiful home,my room has become depressing,emotionally debilitating,& I’m ceratin it is because my depression has caused this inability to rearrange clutter,{not bordering on “Hoarding,however}but am I depressed “because” of the condition of my room is at a stand still or am is my room this way “because” I am depressed? I suffer from manic-depression,I am 59,& while the rest of our Pocono home is attractive,as we live on 2 acres,in Ranchlands still my mom lives on a fixed income,I am on disablity,but being bi-polar,I am not suffering to the point of hospitalization,still we cannot afford to “makeover” my room,you see my mom has just enough in the bank on which she draws her interest,,she worked hard her entire life & is an author,her book never rejected however the first book written re:waitresses” Just Tip Me Mister! by Cecilai Scco Fusco{1979}expose’ her book is in printed form,she has 500 copies remaining &while in the late 70’s her printer stole her copyright thus “pitching”it to a producer[well known Productions they took her book & created a sitcome,”It’s A Living” but after she called them,explaining her suspision that her printer had shown her work{book} to them she told them her attorney told her to monitor every word so after her call the show was cancelled coinceidence? I think not what kills me{I am her daughter,Ctherine Jennifer} is the producers never wanted to know the true author,so whatever happened to the printer & the producers after they found out what he did,is unknown,,but she has been on national tv.”Phil Donohue” “Cosmopolitan Mag”many other interviews,also this book was the 1st to call attention to the servitude so if “emotional needs + the inability to enjoy the quality of one’s life has any importance you will consider my plea,,since I only have my mom,we have each other,she never received alimony,supprted me alone her book tells the story of her “heroic” climb to the top,saving every dime,no indulgences,in a time when women had husbands & the word “divorce’was a bad word} she owned her own home at age 26 yrs..I feel this is as important as anything else,that other’s need not be in such peril,that because I didn’t loose my home,or mother & I do not live in a hovel still she worked for all she has so my depressed state of mind,has left me w/ one solitary dream..that my room be the way it once was I have no book shelves I need organization,I own specuial items still under my bed wrapped up unable to even attempt,or care about them as they have noplace of their own,,I’ve seen the great things they’ve done on “Changing Rooms”BBC for years I watched,,please help me win this “Ugliest Room” I aslo entered the $15.000$ sweeps,too as we could use a new sti=ove,my mom loves to cook,she takes pride in all she does..thank you..there are those who never struggled but still had the luck to win I have found that unfair…we all have our own emotional issues..

Mary huff
Jun 26, 2011 17:52

Dream home for my family 409-466-6552

jennifer taylor
Sep 2, 2011 4:28

watch hgtv dailey..love this show great ideas….would love to win we purchased a house that needs alot of work but we have no money now due to hurricane irene roof leaking..my mother and i are diabled so it is hard for us to fix anything….well we would just love a makeover thank you for the chance to enter :)

Rosemary Kock
Sep 23, 2012 18:47

I have watched HGTV from 1990 when we first switched over to Dish. My husband and I are currently both disabled and need help with our home. We are is disperate need of a new roof. We have been in our home for 29 years and the roof was 5 years old when we both it. We currently could use some help at this time. Thank you HGTV for the wonderful programing.

The Kock’s

robert story
Sep 23, 2012 21:01

love property brothers

robert story
Sep 23, 2012 21:02


Chris Barzona
Sep 23, 2012 21:11

We need help desperatly!!!!Please help!!!!Thanks!!!!

Sep 30, 2012 18:41


linda agatep
Sep 30, 2012 18:56

i love hgtv, and the property brothers. HELP! HELP! HELP PLEASE IN THE MONENT OF BUY A HOME AND NEEDS UP DATEING,….to make a long storie short???…4 yrs ago we lost every thing, we were getting ready to retirer , BUT…… you know the rest….as it go’s…..my husbands still working at 72… now were’re going to try it again “that is retirer’ ha ha not funny but better then crying over spill milk… right? thank you for listening to my storie. hope to be hearing from you all. love love a makeover, thanks

Oct 3, 2012 17:23

I am disabled from fibromyalgia and have problem with mobility such as getting into the bathtub. I also have a small enclosed shower where I have fallen in several times. I would love to have a bathroom that hhave a spa feeling, with a tub with massaging jets and a steam shower with a seat.I passionally watch HGTV and DIY and think how lucky the winners of Kitchen, bathroom, and room crashers are. I would be estatic if I recieved a call or email telling me that I have won “something” from either crash.

Freddie Grier
Oct 4, 2012 19:17

We have a small church in our home please help us to make it more friendly for our members thanks so much!!!!!

linda agatep
Oct 6, 2012 12:34

kitchen kitchen and kitchen needs updated we would love the help, the brothers are great!!! give me a call or write or email me thanks, behearing from u.

Sue Hodge
Oct 7, 2012 14:48

We luv the HGTV shows………..we need some make over on our home.

Betty Gilbert
Oct 7, 2012 18:58

I would love to win this to get my bedroom redone.

Charlene Mu
Oct 7, 2012 19:45

My husband and I are senior citizens and are still living in our family home. It is a 2 story house with 3 bedrooms on the second floor. This was fine when we were younger but now with arthritus and other health issues, we really need to have a bedroom on the first floor. We are on a limited income and cannot afford to do the makeover on our own. It would be wonderful not to have to climb stairs everyday to go to bed. We would also have to have our 1/2 bath downstairs converted into a full bath.

Andrea Mclean
Oct 21, 2012 8:07

Hi i watch hgtv every day i have been married for 2 years know my husband and I have been given a home by my mother in law that was a blessing now i need help hgtv please help me

Darisabel Rodriguez
Oct 21, 2012 18:55

I love HGTV and I watch every day. But I have a concern, most of my friends in Puerto Rico watch the channel but we don’t have the oportunity to participate in most of your opportunity to win a renovation and you never go to Puerto Rico for make a show like room crashers for give the people in the Island the oportunity to win the renovation in ours house. In Puerto Rico we buy most of the products that you promote in your shows. I think is very important for us be parts of the audience that have the oportunities you give in your program. Well in want to said my opinion that share with most of the people who watch your programs in Puerto Rico.

Diane L Lopez
Oct 21, 2012 19:03

I had to have a sump pump put in the basement and they had to take down all the finish walls to water proof the walls so now i have no finish basement for almost a year. They also removed the carpeting that was down there . I am very upset about the whole thing and the basement still has a odor. I feel I was ripe off. I really would like to fix the basement up again.

Bev Large
Nov 5, 2012 9:06

I know of some people that could use a makeover for their home. They are starting a new business, and there is no extra money for this. It would be wonderful to help them!

I watch your show all the time and use your ideas on other peoples homes.

Thank you!

virginia o'brien
Nov 11, 2012 7:35

i need to win because i need a new kitchen .

mary crabtree
Nov 18, 2012 19:35

i have been trying to get yall to help my mother she raised 7 kids by her self she had a hert last month and stroke 6 months before that my mother always told us if be had friends that they are all welcome at her home they all was treated like her own kid s my mom also rised her sister kids there was 8 of them my mom has had a hard time over the past !10 years her health is gotten worse over the past few month now she has heart fealur and her kidney are sutting down.. We need your help.. Thnk you from. A loving daughter mary crabtree my mom s name is mary barnes she live at 1023 old mt carmal rd in stevenson al. 35772 my no is 56-1-206-7027

Jan Howell
Dec 2, 2012 8:55

I sat here crying, I have bought a house on the Gulf Coast, in Foley, AL, I was planning to take up the carpet to put in some laminate wood floors, but I am in over my head, there had been 5 dogs living in the house and the urine smell is too much and the pad want come up, it is stuck to the concrete. Its terrible and I wanted this done before the moving van brought my furniture. I had been married for 32 years and my husband decided he did not want to be married, so I am moving to a new state to start a new life, but can’t even imagine it now because of the disaster this house is in. I would love to win $ 1,000, but of course I would love even more to win the $10,000. I love HGTV and watch it constantly and feel like I can DIY anything, but I can’t.

Jan 14, 2013 11:41

why is all your shows done up north. I live in north ga. in LaFayette 25 miles south of chattanooga tn. i need help with my kitchen. ive been washing dishes on my back porch for a year and a half now. please come help me finish im stuck. looking for a rescue renovation. we pretty much have everything purchased that we need. thank you so much.

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