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Eligibility : Open only to persons, who are, as of Entry, 18 years of age or older, legal residents of, and physically located within, the 50 United States or D.C., (collectively, “Territory”)

Promotion Period : Beginning at 12:01 A.M., March 19, 2011 and ending at 11:59:59 P.M., June 30, 2011

Enter At : Disney.com/RocktheRoad

Limit : Entries are limited to one (1) Entry per person/Cell/Address for each day during the Entry Period, regardless of method of Entry or whether one person has more than one Cell/Address or more than one person use the same Cell/Address.

Prize (s) :

ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: Prize consists of: [1] one (1) Chrysler Town & Country Touring (“Vehicle””) and [2] A three (3) day / two (2) night trip for winner and three (3) guests (“Group”) to Los Angeles, California (“City”), on Sponsor-selected dates (“Trip”), consisting of the following elements for the Group: [a] an opportunity to meet a Sponsor-selected cast member of Lemonade Mouth, subject to cast availability (“Meet and Greet”); [b] hotel accommodations (one standard room/quad occupancy, including room tax) for two (2) nights; [c] hotel/Meet and Greet transfers; [d] one (1) electric guitar and hard guitar case; [e] if winner’s residence is located more than two hundred fifty (250) miles from the City, round-trip coach air transportation on a Sponsor-selected carrier between a Sponsor-selected major metropolitan airport near winner’s residence (“airport of origin”) and a Sponsor-selected major airport in or near the City; but if winner’s residence is located two hundred fifty (250) miles or less from the City, then round-trip ground transportation via a Sponsor-selected method between winners’ residence and the hotel and [f] airport/hotel transfers. Approximate retail value (“ARV”) of Grand Prize: $35,975 [$30,995 for Vehicle and $4,650 for trip and $330 for guitar/case], which will vary depending upon points of departure and destination and seasonal fluctuation of hotel rates and airfares.

Winner List : For the name of the winner (after July 15, and before October 15, 2011) and/or Rules (before June 30, 2011), send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Rock the Road With Lemonade Mouth Sweepstakes, Winner/Rules, P.O. Box 10189-Dept. RRLM, Burbank, CA 91510-0189. A copy of the Rules may also be obtained by printing this web page.

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Jim Greth
Mar 30, 2011 18:20

I want to win a Chrysler Town & Country Touring and a trip to Los Angeles, California and the opportunity to meet cast member of Lemonade Mouth !

Apr 5, 2011 15:26

hi Bridgit menler

Apr 6, 2011 18:15

Hi I love lemonade mouth and me and my mom don’t have that much money we would love to win that contest so for the first time ever we would have something to look forward to

Zion Lashua
Apr 7, 2011 18:44

I would love to be able to meet a lemonade mouth cast member, Bridgit Medler.

Kelisha Brenae Johnson
Apr 7, 2011 19:17

Hey you rock stars. I’m a big fan of your music on the that Selena Gomez is very hot.

Michelle Lenzen
Apr 9, 2011 21:31

My daughter and I are SUPER excited to watch Lemonade Mouth. We love all of the cast members and the shows they have been in. I don’t get to give my family a lot of gifts or go on vacations. So, this will be just wonderful to win.

Brenda Solano
Apr 9, 2011 21:31

I think you guys are awsome!!!!

Brenda Solano
Apr 9, 2011 21:40

I think you guys are awsome!!!!
I also want to win a car for my mom and a eletric guitar for myself to practice my songs that i write myself.

Apr 10, 2011 21:33

I am a HUGE fan of Lemonade Mouth and Bridgette Mendler! She’s an AMAZING singer and actress! shes so pretty too! it would be sooooooo amazing if i won! I cant wait to c the movie! It would be cool if i got that electric guitar too cuz i’m a singer and i write my own songs[: I love you Bridgette!![:: You guys are so amazing and i would give anything to meet you! i want to meet Bridgette soooo bad and i’m on my way to fame too[: I’m an actress/singer and I (hopefully) have fame in my future[: you have no idea how bad i want to win this,,,you guys are AMAZING!!![::::

Apr 11, 2011 14:14

Hi me and my mom are very poor but we woul like to win this contest!!

keara c.
Apr 11, 2011 14:16

i love lemonademouth’songs and i love they’re style and looks i’m your biggest fan love lemonade mouth

keara c.
Apr 11, 2011 14:26

i really need to meet at least one popstar and i never met one ever in my life and please if you let me win i’ll be so thankful and we do need money and did i say that the whole lemonademouth cast is very cute i really really love lemonade mouth

Aliexs b.
Apr 11, 2011 15:32

I would love to meet the cast of lemonade mouth also go to los angeles and win my mom a chevy that’s why i would like to win…………….another thing is I love lemonade mouth because there amazing………….you rock lemonade mouth…………….
P.s. If I win I will charish you guys forever……

keara c.
Apr 11, 2011 17:21

hi,cool people once again.i’m 8 years old and i’m wondering if you need a certain age to be on the sweepstakes

Apr 11, 2011 21:34

laura is so grumpy about everything she had her ipod tookin her away. she is so lazy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keara c.
Apr 12, 2011 15:27

hi alexis b. have you ever even met a popstar?or did you look of mine and hi do you go to minnnie ruffin ekementary you guys have to understand that i never ever met a popstar in my whole life and i reallly
reallly need some money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 13, 2011 18:28

i can’t wait till the movie lemonade mouth is out!!

Apr 13, 2011 18:30

please i beg you’ll can i please win i have wanted to be a popstar all my life oh and i’m only eight but i always wanted to be a dancer because i go to dance classes for two years this is gonna be my third year now

Jamie finder
Apr 13, 2011 19:21

My daughter LOVES lemon aid mouth she said I 10000000000000 p. LOVE U

akhir muhammad
Apr 13, 2011 19:46

i want this to impress my family

Apr 14, 2011 14:14

hi everybody i love the movie lemonade mouth so much and i love you all on lemonade mouth and i wish i could see all of you faces to faces

Savannah Williams
Apr 14, 2011 17:17

I would really like to win. It would be a big pleasure. I can’t what till the movie. Luv u guys sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 14, 2011 18:44

i love you brigget mendler i want to be you so so so so so so so so bad. i wish you were my sister .you are the best. you dont know how much i want to win. so please please pic me to win.you are like my super hero.

bianca c
Apr 15, 2011 7:07

hi n i will love tew meet lemonade mouth but mouth but most in important tew win mi mom a car

asia boatman
Apr 15, 2011 15:21

Hi Brigit I love u i think your incrediable. YOU have an incrediable voice.You a beatiful girl. I just love u and i hope i get picked i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u so much brigit !!!!!!!!!!The whole band is awsome and i love your britsh acient naomi your soooooooooooooooooo beatiful.adam you rock and u r a awsone rapper.hayley u r an awsom singer to and beatiful.last but certainly not least blake u r soo cute and can really play the drums.i know how to sing and dance to one day i hope to be famous.my family needs the car because we live in atlanta and my dad got in a car accident in the snow storm.and our other one doesnt have air conditioner.i really want to meet u guys if i dont u guys still rock love uuuuuuuuuuu!i live on 7092 littlebrooke way atlanta GA Douglasville i write my own songs and sing em my self i sing them to u once we are hopefully face to face i really wany to meet u guysssss pleaseeeeee i love u i loove u guyss so much please im goona cry i love u

asia boatman
Apr 15, 2011 15:23

hi its me again i love u guys

asia boatman
Apr 15, 2011 15:27

hi im goin write every day this is my third time this week i really love u guys you inspire me alot when i meet u or if i meet u i want to perform in front of u 5

asia boatman
Apr 15, 2011 15:34

i really need this for my family i cant wait to wacth the movie i watching the count down exactly 1hr 26minutes 10seconds

asia boatman
Apr 15, 2011 16:25

I REALLY LOVE U GUYS pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeee i really want to go to los Angeles i love somebody i listen to it 3 times a day litary im listening to it as i write those lyrics are awsome thats the song i want to perform to u soembody yeah hsomehow someway somedayyyy somebody we will walk out offf this darkness feel the spark light glowing like a yellow sunnnnnnnnnnn oh yeahh and when we fight we fought together then we get back up and wee willl rise as oneeeeeeeeeee oo yeah cause oh were goona let it show were goona just let go of everything holding back our dreams and try to make it come alive c’mon let it shine so they can see we were met to be somebody somebody yy yeah somehow someway someday somebody somebody oooo oh. i love it and breakthourgh be heard be strong be proud i waana make some noise. love you guys. asia boatman

asia boatman
Apr 15, 2011 16:32

i love lemonade mouth and i lve lemons im so serious about this contest i just had my mom take me to the store and by lemonade and lemons when life gives u lemons i made lemonade pick me love u im going crazy i cant wait even if i dont when all i care about is u guys my family the car guitar and wachticg the movie and apresiating every second pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee lemonade mouth adam brigit hayley noami blake please im desspred to meet u guys and gooooo to los angelos oh pretty please

asia boatman
Apr 15, 2011 16:33

i love u lemonade mouth

asia boatman
Apr 15, 2011 16:35

24min 59seconds

asia boatman
Apr 15, 2011 16:37

love u

Apr 24, 2011 14:15

i love bridgit shes pretty i love all her songs and charlie on lemanade mouth hes so cute if he could meet me i would ask him to be my boyfreind and i wold live with him and we could make a movie called the love of 2 people and i can sing and dance and i love the movie lemade mouth go lemonade mouth

aliyah lopez
Apr 28, 2011 14:07

i love you so much you are my favirot

aliyah lopez
Apr 28, 2011 14:13

i would be so happy if i met briget medler and addam hicks and haily i love you guys if you said hi to me right now i would beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sooooooooo happy.

aliyah lopez
Apr 28, 2011 14:21

lemanade mouth rocks to death i love lemanade mouth relly bad

aliyah lopez
Apr 28, 2011 14:30

pretty please i will die to meet the cast of lemanade mouth and i mean it thats how bad i want to go on a tour with you and meet you im only 9 years old and i nevever ever went any where like didsney world because all my freinds went there but i didnt so please i love lemanade mouth

Jul 31, 2011 19:20

Hey i know you don’t know me but i love lemanade mouth the movie was the best movie i seen in a long time on disney channel so plz pick me Iam 10 years olds i been watching disney wind was 4

Jul 31, 2011 19:20

Hey i know you don’t know me but i love lemanade mouth the movie was the best movie i seen in a long time on disney channel so plz pick me Iam 10 years olds i been watching disney wind was 4

Aug 9, 2011 16:06

Has there been a winner yet for this sweepstakes? It would mean the world to me and my baby girls to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 9, 2011 16:09

Me and my mom have been having a hard time the last few years and dont have the money to get away..I am 10 years old and my new baby sister is 9 months old.My mom needs a new car since we dont have 1 anymore.We pray every day to win the car and trip.This car and trip would answer are prayers.Please ………………..

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