CHEETOS Mystery Egg Challenge 2018 (

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CHEETOS Mystery Egg Challenge 2018 (

This Easter, Cheetos invites you to visit to input the Bag Code found on any specially-marked CHEETOS bags for a chance to win the CHEETOS Mystery Egg Challenge 2018. Crack open your egg and you could win eggcellent prizes. Over $60,000 in prizes.

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Mystery Egg Challenge Rules

  • Who Can Enter? The CHEETOS Mystery Egg Challenge 2018 is open only to legal residents of any of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico who are 13 years of age or older at the time of participation.
  • When To Enter? Sweepstakes begins at 12:00:00 p.m. (noon) CT on February 19, 2018 and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. CT on April 1, 2018.
  • What Is The Mystery Egg Challenge Prize? The Prizes consists of either a drone, tablet, wireless speaker, phone printer, wireless earphones, digital camera, Instant film camera, Powerstation charger, smartphone camera lens kit, or waterproof speaker.
  • Who Are The CHEETOS Sweepstakes Winners? For the names of the winners, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to be received by April 30, 2018 to: CHEETOS® Mystery Challenge Winner’s List, 10 South 5th Street, 7th Floor, Dept. 881-765, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

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Comments (18 Messages)

Nancy G Hoffman
Mar 4, 2018 15:43

I tried to enter your contest and I was not successful! I guess I’m to old and don’t know how to use my computer. Very frustrating. I was hoping to get a prize I could give to one of my 7 grandchildren. I buy 1 bag of Cheetos for myself almost every time I go to the store. I even tried to use my Facebook account. Nuts. Nancy Hoffman

Nancy G Hoffman
Mar 4, 2018 15:49

Good grief. I wrote a comment and thought I sent it, but now I have another comment box to enter my complaint. I’m 75 years old and was not able to enter your contest. I’m not that familiar with my computer. Meaning, I can get on Facebook, read my e-mails and play simply games. Evidently, I don’t know how to enter your contest correctly. Very frustrated. I was hoping to win a prize to give to one or more of my 7 grandchildren. I hope others don’t have any problems entering your contest. Nancy Hoffman

Mar 5, 2018 0:18

My bag has a,code that’s not being accepted why us that? It says 9-11 numbers. I put my nine digit code in and it’s not working. Always something with your promos!

Mar 5, 2018 0:27

Guess I don’t get to play the game. I dont want to play for free. Umm I’m sure Free wont let me win anything! I brought four bags of Cheetos for this to happen that just stinks ugh! By the way the codes should be inside the bags by themself with no other numbers around them plain and simple.

Jane Neal
Mar 5, 2018 11:55

I had almost through filling out my thing and I Lost it and I can’t get it back

Grandma Lee
Mar 9, 2018 12:43

I just read the comments and what the elderly ladies post is true. Sometimes I have to hold back on what I really think about the Big Corporations who advertise they’re having a Sweepstakes, and everyone has a chance to enter. I think if I ever had a chance to poke someone in the nose, I would definitely do it to the one who purposely drums up the Idea of having a Sweepstake (Contest) to initiate Sales of a product for financial gain, and to mislead the consumer by not providing a Valid Site in which they can enter. This I say to the greedy, and least honorable corporations, “Your Integrity STINKS”. I do hope corporations will eventually become more in tune with how we, the consumers feel about your advertising schemes. After all, Negative Results Produce less sales. I for one, refuse to buy your products. respectfully, Gmalee

Phil Walker
Mar 12, 2018 11:26

I have tried to many times.. this game is like Frito-Lay company.. !!! A TOTAL FARCE !!!
IF you can’t run a program get off it. I DO know my e-mail address. don’t tell me it doesn’t work….
What is your [Frito-Lay problem ??? last time I buy from Frito-Lay…

Philip Walker
Mar 12, 2018 11:43

Once again !!!! your game is screwed up..look at your comments
Like the management it’s real bad..
I KNOW !!! I worked for Frito=lay in Jacksonville Fla.. TOTAL SHAME !!!!

justin kukes
Mar 15, 2018 14:23

This site refuses to let me put in my codes. I have bought multiple bags of large hot cheetos but every code is getting denied. How does a lawsuit for false advertisement sound?

Mar 17, 2018 19:27


Paul Vida
Mar 18, 2018 20:00

I had a hard time reading the numbers. The last number was black on red which is hard to see anytime. Also, I had to use a magnifying glass to read them correctly. I suggest making them easier to see, especially for us old timers. :-)

Mar 21, 2018 12:07

Erasing my comments…

Mar 22, 2018 2:03

Tried over a dozen times re-entering my code and it still won’t accept…this is bull cr@p!

Debra Shepard
Mar 24, 2018 18:20

Unable to enter codes. Tried several times. This is ridiculous.

JoeJoe's Mom
Mar 25, 2018 14:24

My codes are not working either, multiple bags multiple codes none accepted. Please fix this issue on your end Frito Lay…

Mar 27, 2018 12:33

Unable to open like everyone else-Kinda frustrating !

danielle poole
Mar 30, 2018 16:59

Where are the codes located. I have had several bags but dont see any codes. Please help

Mar 31, 2018 12:55

Having the same problem as everyone else. I expected a reply from the company by now. Ugh!

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