These Are The Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2023

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Starbucks For Life 2023

What happens when Starbucks decides to launch a Holiday Edition of the popular Starbucks For Life Game? Everyone is trying to find Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces of course!

The Holiday Edition of the promotion is offered during the holiday season as a Christmas gift for Starbucks Rewards members. In 2022, the rarest game pieces where Holiday Lights, Snowy Mountain, and Mittens. Of course, this year’s Christmas-themed rare game pieces are different but the goal is still the same: Collect all 3 game pieces in one row to win.

Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2023

Find out what are the rare pieces for the Starbucks For Life game 2023 below.

Collect and Win Game Prize Starbucks For Life Rare Piece 2023 Starbucks Game Pieces 2023
Grand Prize: Starbucks for Life Betty the Yeti | Anniversary Balloons
First Prize: Starbucks for 1 Month Tristan the Yule Goat | Melody
Second Prize: 1,000 Bonus Stars Anniversary Cake | Juniper the Reindeer
Third Prize: 100 Bonus Stars Anniversary Flowers Hot Cocoa | Ugly Sweater
Fourth Prize: $50 Starbucks Gift Card Puppermint Puppy | Rupert
Fifth Prize: $25 Starbucks Gift Card Saxophone Gingerbrad | Waddles
Sixth Prize: $1,000 Delta Gift Card Penelope | Delta Air Lines
Seventh Prize: Moccamaster Coffee Maker and Grinder Professor Owl | Moccamaster
Eighth Prize: Stanley + Starbucks Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler Canberry
Ninth Prize: SFL socks Disco ball | Basil
Tenth Prize: SFL ornament Presents | Vickers

This list is based on comments and information we found online. If you think these are not the Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces, please let us know in the comments below.

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Comments (9 Messages)

Brenda muntz
Dec 15, 2017 14:02

Is there any advantage to getting any rare pieces?

becca mahan
Sep 3, 2018 19:24

enlightenment into Christmas season of something different other than abstract. They almost reminds me of the
book polar express.

Andrea Clemens
Nov 28, 2023 12:35

what I got this morning.. most likely common.. but maybe not ??? :)

Starbucks for Life: Betty the Yeti
1,000 bonus stars: Anniversary Cake
$50 gift card: Puppermint Puppy
$1,000 Delta Gift Card: picture of airplane tail/back, titled “Delta Air Lines”
Moccamaster Grinder and Brewer: Professor Owl
Starbucks+Stanley Tumbler: picture of Stanley cup and straw with bow titled “Starbucks + Stanley”
Anniversary Ornament: Presents

Ron Vogel
Nov 29, 2023 3:04

I got the following, Likely none of them rare.

Starbucks for Life: Betty the Yeti
$50 gift card: Puppermint Puppy
$25 gift card: Waddles
$1,000 Delta Gift Card: Penelope
Stanley + Starbucks Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler: Cranberry
Anniversary Ornament: Presents, Vickers

Andrea Clemens
Nov 29, 2023 7:48

The other common piece for the grand prize, Starbucks for Life is Anniversary Balloons

Nov 30, 2023 3:56

I got a saxophone for the $25 gift card, Saxophone “Smooth sounds for a smooth soirée.” Hope that means I have a chance.
Usually just win 10 pts at most on this

Andrea Clemens
Nov 30, 2023 13:02

@Rebecca You totally have a chance!! it looks like the sax is the rare piece for the $25 gift card. Keep playing the free 2x a day “other entry” from bottom of game until you get the gingerbread man and pigeon. I’m excited for you!!!

Dec 1, 2023 2:27

I received two rare ones:

* Saxophone is definitely the rare piece for the $25 Starbucks Gift Card.

* Anniversary flowers is definitely the rare piece for 100 Bonus Stars.

I also noticed that both of these rare pieces have a light green twinkle/star marking located at the top left corner, so it appears to me that you’ll know you have a rare piece if it lands in one of those twinkle/star boxes.

S. Mark Alter
Dec 3, 2023 5:22

In CANADA the “Saxophone” is the rare piece for 100 STARS.
And, also in CANADA, what looks like a stuffed turkey?? (could be a pie??) on a pedestal plate, with two candles at the left side, all on a green background, is the RARE piece for $25. (once the winning three pieces are found, they cannot be clicked on for more information)
Hope this helps.
Good luck everyone. There certainly are prizes out there to be won. It’s nice to see people here actually winning them.

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