Dish scapes Watch And Win Contest 2021

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Dish scapes Watch And Win Contest 2021

Dish scapes Watch And Win Contest 2021 at is your chance to win a $1000 shopping spree to DISH’s Smart Home Services.

Eligibility : This Dish Network Sweepstakes 2021 is open to legal residents of the forty-eight (48) contiguous United States and D.C (excluding, without limitation, residents of the States of Florida and New York, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories) who are 18 years of age (or age of majority in his or her state) and older at the time of entry and existing DISH customers with an Internet-connected Hopper as of 2/1/2021.

Sweepstakes Period : The Dish scapes Contest begins on February 1, 2021 and ends on February 28, 2021.

Enter At :

Limit : Up to 12 entries per person.

Prizes :

Five (5) Grand Prizes: $1,000 shopping spree for select DISH Smart Home Services Products.

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Comments (38 Messages)

David Jiles
Feb 2, 2021 15:38

I and my wife just love these. Thanks for putting them on.

Rita White
Feb 2, 2021 18:21

Love this picture

Andrea LaConte
Feb 2, 2021 18:28

Dish Sweepstakes 2021,

Carol McDole
Feb 2, 2021 19:34

Love to look at the different pictures. Enjoy looking for the things that take you by surprise…

Feb 3, 2021 10:07

One of my Favorites ?CALMING ????

April Settle
Feb 3, 2021 11:57

Love to watch the scapes, very calming.

Rita White
Feb 3, 2021 15:23

Love the pyramids, very relaxing

Betty Austin
Feb 3, 2021 15:54

I always love seeing the new dish scape every month and looking for all the little surprises. I’ll leave it on the screen instead of watching a program because The scenes are so nice.

Betty Austin
Feb 3, 2021 16:00

I love dish scapes. I can’t wait to see the new one at the first of every month. I enjoy looking for all the little surprises that are pictured in each one.

Henry Samuel
Feb 3, 2021 17:35

The game is on, thanks for adventure and calming distraction.

Henry Samuel
Feb 3, 2021 17:37

Thank you for the calming distraction. The game is on.

Diane Tanguy
Feb 4, 2021 14:37

I love your new Pyramids Dish Scape with the changing daylight to night and the unexpected little quirks and surprises that pop up. It is so fun! I’ve also been enjoying the Dish Scapes and find them soothing and beautiful. I rarely post a comment but feel you have a wonderful program. Thank you! And the game’s afoot!!

Feb 4, 2021 14:41

the Jan Trees and water mill sucked. The pyramids are OK but will see what appears next. The absolute best, BY FAR, was the ghosts, Etc and the Halloween Scenes.

Douglas Newell
Feb 4, 2021 23:44

I’m not sure what I’m suppose to be looking for to play the game.

Cindy tockey
Feb 5, 2021 18:43

What did Florida do to you?

Shirley M Warneke
Feb 6, 2021 12:39

My husband I like your Dishscapes—Especially this new Feb. one! Really great colors, and other effects

Sharron Resides
Feb 6, 2021 21:19

Really had fun with the Halloween scape I was home for the first week then had to leave but got my husband and the in laws to watch and give me the answers they enjoyed watching and looking for the changes

Sharron Resides
Feb 6, 2021 21:21

We want more like the Halloween Halloween scape, it was fun and gave us a reason to watch every week

Patricia Wank
Feb 7, 2021 10:11

Love playing these games

Feb 8, 2021 12:56

I really love these Scapes…..The best one by far was the Halloween one…And the dessert one. I think I liked. them more because of more surprises. They are nice to put on and relax too

Marilyn Miner
Feb 8, 2021 22:00

We liked the Halloween one!! Though this one was going to be like that with all the things that happen, and not just matching the pictures.

Jean Zimmerman
Feb 9, 2021 9:42

We have enjoyed all of the Scapes, we did like the Halloween one, with so many things changing every week, it was fun. I loved the Tropical one, it was very relaxing. It will be fun to see what each months Scape will be. Thank you for giving us something special in this time of fear and sadness in our world.

April Settle
Feb 9, 2021 16:15

Love the dish scapes, very relaxing.

sharon weber
Feb 10, 2021 17:22

I like watching the dishscape pictures. The only thing that I don’t like is if they don’t have anything happening to make it more exciting. I get bored when you don’t see anything change and it stays the same all month but this one is good. thank you for doing this. Make them interesting and fun to watch.

Marguerite Rhatigan
Feb 12, 2021 22:51

Love them all, especially this month’s February. The sky colors are absolutely gorgeous. At one point it almost looked as if it was on fire.
Please don’t ever take these off.

Tracy J Graver
Feb 19, 2021 20:44

Loved the haunted house one,, that was great… the beach one not so much , but that wasn’t a prize one i don’t think… I just like the prize ones although i never win

Billie Bond
Feb 21, 2021 21:07

I Love Dish scapes it is so relaxing and looking at all the suprises you put on there ! Thank you very and my husband Thanks you too!

Feb 22, 2021 9:40

More action. Liytle things most will miss.

Roy Gibbs
Feb 22, 2021 15:48

Loved the Halloween dish scape. Like the Egyptian scape could have put more on like sidewinder snakes or scarab beetles or small lizards crawling among rocks. Also activity along the Nile at night maybe an emperor scorpion crawling on the sand. Look forward to the next dishscape.

Feb 22, 2021 17:14

Hate that I cannot play the game just because I don’t have a hopper. Playing the halloween scape was a lot of fun. Make the game available to everyone.

Pamela Bisgrove
Feb 28, 2021 4:30

I really enjoyed the Halloween Dish Scape contest and agreed that seeing the movement and surprises makes it all more fun. Was not crazy about the Winter storm version. My dog liked the Tropical beach version. I wasn’t too impressed with the Pymarids until today. I’ve seen the airplane, Pharo status come up from the ground, the Elk, and camel herd Cross the landscape in about 20 minutes. Thanks for the variety and fun.

Mar 3, 2021 17:46

Would like a way to find out all the different things that appear. I am sure I miss some. Loved the Halloween. Alot of activity. Please make more action on these!

Pamela Sue
Mar 20, 2021 18:34

Please return “Heartland” for a month. My absolute favorite. “Haunted House “ my second favorite.

Beverly Boardman
Mar 31, 2021 13:26

Like the March scape. Sheep and dog . Lots of mother nature, boats. Wish people would be present . Otherwise it’s lonely.

Cindy Smith
Apr 5, 2021 12:28

Love the Cherry Blossom. Are we the year of the Dragon ? Beautiful detail

Joanne Branch
Apr 11, 2021 19:43

It would be great if the Dish Scapes would have a contest every month with each new one. I really enjoyed the one for the month of October. I also lve the Cherry blossoms for the month of April.

April C
Apr 17, 2021 20:09

I love the dish scapes. I look forward to them each month. They have all been great . I did love the haunted house with all of the things to watch. Keep up the great work

Nancy Kincer
May 5, 2021 6:17

We have been Dish Network subscribers for years and it would be nice to be able to play your sweepstake games without having the HOPPER. Just not right !

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