Burger King Winter Whopperland 2019

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Burger King Winter Whopperland 2019

Burger King Winter Whopperland: Enter the Burger King Winter Whopperland with your code at burgerking.com or via the app for a chance to win $35,000 cash. Plus, you could instantly win free food, swag, cash and more. Over $100,000,000 in prizes.

Eligibility : BK Instant Win is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 (except 19 in Alabama and Nebraska and 21 in Mississippi) years of age or older at the time of Promotion registration.

Promotion Period : The Burger King Instant Win Game begins on December 2, 2019 and ends on December 31, 2019.

Enter At : www.bk.com

Limit : Limit of three (3) Code entries (any combination of Instant Win Food Prize redemption(s) or Instant Win Prize Game play(s) allowed, but no more than three in total) per person, per email address, per day throughout the Promotion Period regardless of method of Entry.

Prize (s) :

One (1) Sweepstakes Grand Prize will be awarded as a check in the amount of $35,000.

A total of Forty-One Million Five Hundred Twenty-Nine Thousand Two Hundred Fifty-Three (41,529,253) Instant Win Prizes are available to be awarded during the Promotion, as detailed below (one (1) Instant Win prize per Winner):

  • Six million eight hundred and one thousand five hundred and seventy-three (6,801,573) Value Size French Fries
  • Six million eight hundred and one thousand five hundred and seventy-three (6,801,573) Double Cheeseburgers
  • Two million eight hundred thousand six hundred and forty-eight (2,800,648) HERSHEY’S® Chocolate Hand Spun Shakes
  • Four million four hundred and one thousand eighteen (4,401,018) Chicken Fries (9 pc)
  • Two million eight hundred thousand six hundred and forty-eight (2,800,648) Whopper® Sandwiches
  • Two million eight hundred thousand six hundred and forty-eight (2,800,648) Crispy Chicken Sandwiches
  • Four million nine hundred and twenty-five (4,000,925) BEC Croissan’wich® Sandwiches
  • Six million eight hundred and one thousand five hundred and seventy-three (6,801,573) Medium Size Coffees
  • Two million eight hundred thousand six hundred and forty-eight (2,800,648) Chocolate Fudge Sundaes
  • One Hundred (100) Redbox One Year of One Night Physical Disc Rentals (Awarded as codes for one rental per week/52 one (1) night rentals)
  • Two (2) Redbox Bowl Tickets
  • Twenty (20) Beaches Resorts Luxury Included® Accommodations for two (2) adults, two (2) children, for four (4) days/three (3) nights in Tucks & Caicos or Jamaica
  • One (1) Discovery Channel trip for two (2) adults to Costa Rica
  • Three Thousand Three Hundred Thirty-Three (3,333) Roku Express Players
  • Fifteen (15) Westinghouse 50 Inch Roku 4k Ultra HD LED Smart TVs with HDR
  • Thirty (30) PS4 4 Pro 1TB Console – Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® PS4™Pro Bundles
  • One Thousand (1,000) Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® PS4™
  • Fifty (50) $200 Uber Eats Gift Cards
  • Eight (8) Free Whopper® Sandwiches for a Year (in the form of gift cards)
  • Twenty (20) $200 Digital Shutterfly Gift Cards
  • Four (4) Free Chicken Fries for a Year (in the form of gift cards)
  • One (1) Super Gravity Magnetic Levitation Bluetooth Speaker
  • One (1) Woman’s Tru TV Nano Puff Jacket (Feather Gray)
  • One (1) Men’s Tru TV Nano Puff Jacket (Feather Gray)
  • One (1) History Channel Golf Gift Package
  • One (1) ESPN Fan Package
  • One (1) Adult Swim Owl Clock
  • Ten (10) $1,000 Checks
  • Three (3) $5,000 Checks
  • One (1) $10,000 Check
  • Six (6) $500 Airline Credits
  • One (1) 2020 Jeep® Renegade courtesy of www.NowCar.com
  • One Thousand (1,000) BK® themed T-shirts (Grey)
  • Five Hundred (500) BK® themed Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Five Hundred (500) BK® themed Old School Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Two Hundred Twenty (220) BK® themed Hooded Sweatshirts (Red)
  • Five Hundred (500) BK® themed Sweat Pants
  • One Thousand (1,000) Custom BK® themed Mugs
  • One Thousand (1,000) Custom BK® themed Old School Socks
  • Five Hundred (500) Custom BK® themed Striped Socks
  • One Thousand (1,000) Custom BK® themed Old School Beanies
  • Five Hundred (500) Custom BK® themed Striped Beanies
  • One Hundred (100) Custom BK® themed “Peel Me” Onesies
  • One Million Five Hundred (1,500,000) Redbox One Night Physical Disk Rentals (email codes)
  • Three Hundred Fifty (350) Retro Record Players
  • Two Thousand Five Hundred (2,500) Retro Caps
  • Thirty (30) Retro Bicycles
  • Twenty (20) HP Chromebooks
  • Twenty (20) Hand Painted BK® Nut Crackers
  • Three Thousand (3,000) $5 BK® Gift Cards
  • One Thousand (1,000) $10 BK® Gift Cards
  • Five Hundred (500) $50 BK® Gift Cards
  • One Thousand (1,000) $20 Checks
  • One Hundred (100) $50 Checks
  • Fifty (50) $100 Checks

The ARV of all Promotion Prizes is $100,299,401.00.

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Comments (17 Messages)

Linda Emery
Dec 6, 2019 8:23

I have a # how do I find out what I won

Linda Zehe
Dec 10, 2019 8:34


pam j lane
Dec 10, 2019 13:13


Eileen A. Brown
Dec 13, 2019 16:17


eddie teague
Dec 13, 2019 16:17

I can’t find the right web page to go to enter my codes

Dec 18, 2019 14:42

Writing a comment to tell people that it’s finally working. I tried before on the bk app and the website a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t work.

It works now on the BK app. Even though it’s working now, it’s really unprofessional for a large fast food chain to offer this kind of event when their website/app weren’t working beforehand.

Dec 18, 2019 17:20

I go to the web page where it says to on the game piece (www.bk.com) and nothing happens, you don’t get re-directed to any other page the main BK web page just sits there and does nothing. Is this game like Publishers Clearing House “it’s all a Gimmick to get customers in. LOL HEY Burger King PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE, I HAVE A BUNCH OF GAME PIECES THAT ARE WINNING FOOD PRIZES AND CAN’T REDEEM THEM BECAUSE THE RESTAURANT WHERE I GO SAYS YOU NEED TO GO ON-LINE TO PLAY, WHAT’S UP WITH THIS?

Betty Holmwood
Dec 19, 2019 19:20

I have tried to enter my code, I went to BK.com and I click on the Icon for entering codes and nothing happens. So how do I or what site do I use to enter the code. I do not have a phone with Apps so that is out.

Thank You

Cynthia Bergen
Dec 20, 2019 11:01

love the prizes

Norma Templeton
Dec 22, 2019 2:46

I don’the know what I’mean entering but I want to win something in my lifetime. We live on a fixed income so we can’Trafford extras, sometimes can’tell afford necessities. Thank you.

John Perry
Dec 29, 2019 7:13

I enjoy Burger King for its products, and the great employee’s that work there.

James Plaisted
Dec 31, 2019 23:24

Thank you for your efforts … Good luck in 2020. Happy New Year..

Cathy Smith
Jan 1, 2020 14:50

To Kevin-if you have game pieces from the cup or fries, they’re supposed to take them at the store and treat them like coupons. Did you ask the manager about it? It makes no sense to go online to get a physical prize.

Jan 1, 2020 20:05

We love BK, but I’m very unhappy with the website and the “go gift yourself” game. I’ve tried 16 times to check my game pieces that are winners of food and 1 that is just a code – so it is a winner of something else other than food.

The website is not very good. The offers section is really nice but when you click on an offer, it states you have to sign in and it won’t even let me do that.

Jan 6, 2020 13:25

how do you enter code to claim prize for crispy chicken sandwich
can’t seem to find the sight

Jan 8, 2020 22:41

I won a few shutterfly prizes. They were sent to my email but have disappeared. How do I find them again? Thank you!

Betty Renzullo
Mar 25, 2020 17:27

I am trying to enter for a chance to win a $500 BK gift card or other prizes. I do not text, and cannot find to visit BK.COM/WIN? Thank you. I am a handicapped senior person.

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