Lowes For Pros PROvember Sweepstakes 2020

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Lowes For Pros PROvember Sweepstakes 2020

Lowes For Pros PROvember Sweepstakes at provembersweepstakes.com or lowesforpros.com/provember is your chance to win a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado Truck plus a truckload of DEWALT tools.

Eligibility : This Lowes For Pros Sweepstakes 2020 is open only to legal U.S. residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are at least eighteen (18) years old and the age of majority in their state of residence at the time of participation.

Sweepstakes Period : The Lowes For Pros Giveaway begins on October 28, 2020 and ends on November 25, 2020.

Enter At : provembersweepstakes.com

Limit : There is a limit of one (1) entry per person during the Sweepstakes Period.

Prizes :

Each prize includes a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado, DeWalt Tools, and a $23,000 check.

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Comments (41 Messages)

James H. Massey Jr.
Oct 30, 2020 10:37

looking forward to winning and using the tools and truck.

Max Towles
Oct 30, 2020 15:45

enter me in the provember sweepstakes

James Burns
Nov 1, 2020 8:08

I always shop at Lowes for tools.

Nov 1, 2020 13:52

I would love to win tools and especially the 2021 Chevy Silverado.
Have always been a “Chevy” guy.

Jean Valent
Nov 1, 2020 13:55

I would live to win tools and especially the 2021 Chevy Silverado for my husband who will be 71 years (young) on Novembe4 18. Thank you.

Brian Massey
Nov 2, 2020 6:08

I love Lowes. they help me with home projects and for my school theater productions.

Charlotte D
Nov 2, 2020 17:18

Move over boys, it’s time to let a woman take over LOL I think I love home improvement projects more than my husband or sons. Good luck to all that enter. This will make someone a very MERRY Christmas.

Andres E
Nov 3, 2020 6:31

This will be the highlight of 2020 if I win. So many tragedies for everyone this year. I wish everyone luck, a happy holidays, and a Happy New Year’s.

Randy L. Currier
Nov 3, 2020 6:40

Please enter me in the Provember sweepstakes drawing. It’s surprising at stuff Lowe’s carries for wares. Everyone has to check out their website. Thanks

Nov 3, 2020 7:13

I am a maintenance technician and travel lots of miles from property to property and when i need supplies or tools i shop at lowe’s they have everything i need to get the job done.

Nicole Wheaton
Nov 3, 2020 21:38

This truck would be amazing for my husband!

Paul Goggin
Nov 4, 2020 7:20


Nov 5, 2020 6:53

This would be a dream come true!!! Always struggling with old cars?

Sheila Osborne
Nov 5, 2020 11:19

Wow this would be a huge life saver for us and our future!!

Jey Wimbley
Nov 5, 2020 12:27

That’s a great deal! I like how they appreciate us enough to give back. . Building is one of the best things to do and more tools means more possibilities.
I hope who ever needs this the most wins it. Happy building, in the words of Scott Wadsworth. “Keep up the good work”

Nov 5, 2020 13:07

Winning these tools will help with my business that im starting up. My trailer would look good behind that truck.

Brian Parrish
Nov 5, 2020 13:07

Winning these tools will help with my business that im starting up. My trailer would look good behind that truck.

David Harrington
Nov 5, 2020 14:58

Enter me in the Provember Sweepstakes. I will really look good driving that Silverado, and I love working on things, so the tools will be put to good use.

David Harrington
Nov 5, 2020 15:00

Enter me in the sweepstakes. Can’t you see me driving that Silverado and working with the tools.

Waymon Rivers
Nov 7, 2020 10:35

My wife would be so happy with a new tuck an tool to go with it

John Brandt
Nov 7, 2020 12:00

Looking forward to using all the tools, driving the truck, and spreading the word about Lowes. What a Birthday gift this would be to myself

Jimmie phrampus
Nov 12, 2020 7:14

This would be a great way to start my 30th birthday

Jimmie phrampus
Nov 12, 2020 7:19

And to start my new construction company

Teresa L Sanger
Nov 13, 2020 10:44

Please enter me in the “Lowes For Pros Provember Sweepstakes Drawing”! Can’t beat Lowes awesome DeWalt tools and a great 2021 Chevrolet Silverado to carry them around!! Fingers crossed!! Thanks for the great opportunity!

John Ewers
Nov 14, 2020 13:50

Would love to use the truck and tools for my construction business. My work truck now has 330k miles and is unreliable.

Nov 14, 2020 14:19

Just think of all the COOL projects!

leo goolsby
Nov 15, 2020 13:19

I am a disabled veteran and I could sure use the tools in my shop so I could do more things to kill more time. and that new chevy truck would come in awful handy. thank you

Burt Stansbury
Nov 15, 2020 21:23

Would love to win that truck and the tools There are a lot. of people out there who need help,

William chris penn
Nov 19, 2020 6:36

I could really use all that it would be deeply appreciated

Kathleen Rose
Nov 19, 2020 9:52

i love shoping at Lowes for all my gardening tools.

Robert Yarbrough
Nov 19, 2020 10:38

I’ve been buying everything from lowes to build my new house currently under construction and too my truck has 254000 miles can really use a new one

Ryan Bottlemy
Nov 20, 2020 11:28

I buy everything I use at Lowes. Love they have Craftsman now. Dewalt tools and a new Chevy would be wonderful!

Nov 21, 2020 6:46

Lowes always have what I am looking and at a better price than
the other store

Ron Bowers
Nov 22, 2020 16:41

It’s been a very hard year for me and a new truck would help me a lot

Taylor Larson
Nov 23, 2020 15:18

I would love to win this

Kelly Johnson
Nov 24, 2020 13:01

Please enter me in Your Contest, I shop alot at Lowes for my Business and was so glad when one was built close by. And boy I would love to Win! I have never won anything in my 65 Years of Life. The Truck could replace My Old 1995 Dodge and Tools would come in real handy too! It would be my best Holiday ever! Thanks!

Melvin Pipkins
Nov 25, 2020 16:40

Now this is a sweet sweepstakes right here and I’m glad I’m entering in it. I have been shopping at Lowe’s for ALL my home improvement needs and honey do’s for the past 20 plus years. It’s definitely my go to. The closes one to me is about 30 minutes away and I go sometimes 3-4 times a day. But every weekend for sure. Winning this would be so awesome. But if not I’ll still be shopping at Lowe’s!

Jamie Shaver
Nov 25, 2020 22:03

My husband really deserves to win this. He uses his truck that is worn completely out to help all kinds of people doing all kinds of things from fixing broken cars to remodeling. He has spent a lot of money on tools and has worn them out many times over throughout the years. He only trust Lowe’s for all his needs. Always has

Patricia Rogers
Nov 26, 2020 5:02

I choose Lowes over Home Depot any day and there are both in my area. There’s no comparison in pricing, availability and most importantly customer service. If I ever stopped shopping at Lowes, they quite possibly may have to close their doors as I’m there at least 3 or 4 times a week. This is an awesome prize for anyone and one of us is very lucky on this Thanksgiving morning! I once won $50.00 and passed out, I can’t imagine if that lucky person is me.

Keith Galloway
Nov 26, 2020 10:50

Spend most OF my time in Lowe’s.

david shindle
Dec 21, 2020 6:19

Who won the Silverado pickup in the giveaway?

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