KLG And Hoda Giveaway 2019

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KLG And Hoda Giveaway 2018

If you are a fan of the Today Show, you’ll love the KLG And Hoda Giveaway. Each week, viewers are invited to visit klgandhoda.com and enter the Sweepstakes for a chance to win a special prize featured on the TODAY Show on Kathie Lee & Hoda.

KLG And Hoda Giveaway Links

Sweepstakes Entry Form
Official Rules

KLG Hoda Giveaway Rules

  • Who Can Enter? The KLG And Hoda Give It Away Sweepstakes is open only to permanent, legal United States residents who are physically residing in one of the 48 continental United States or the District of Columbia (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands and other United States territories) and who are 18 years of age or older and of the age of majority in their state of residence as of the start of the Sweepstakes Period.
  • When To Enter? Sweepstakes begins on March 18, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. ET and end on March 21, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. ET.
  • What Is The Give It Away Sweepstakes Prize? The Grand Prize consists of an item or product that is featured on the TODAY Show on Kathie Lee & Hoda.
  • Who Are The KLG And Hoda Sweepstakes Winners? For the names of the Winners, available after April 12, 2019, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to be received by May 12, 2019 to: NBC Universal, TODAY’s KLG & Hoda Give It Away! 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NY, NY 10112.

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Comments (95 Messages)

Marsha Beckett
Apr 8, 2018 12:50

we love watching your show each morning ,love seeing all you good people in the morning we start our day by watching you here in west virginia got two pizza,s to day and they were very good we don,t get to go out much but when we do we love to eat at little caesars hope i win

Helen Oparnico
Apr 9, 2018 4:57

Why can’t I enter the contest that goes off on Tuesday? I hit the Connect Button, but there is no form. I liked you on facebook and still no form. Please HELP!!

GRace Davis
Apr 9, 2018 13:31

I have a difficult time trying to register. STop making it so difficult to register to win the prizes.

Marlene Youngheim
Apr 25, 2018 7:24

Can’t get ENOUGH of the show !????

Marlene Youngheim
Apr 25, 2018 7:25

Hard to enter contest .

Carolyn Calvert
Apr 25, 2018 7:58

Uplifting and a joy watching Honda and Kathy Lee each morning! I’m 70 years young, married to a wonderful man for 50 years. The laughs, touching life stories, special guests. I could go on forever!! What a great start for my day. Thank you Honda and Kathy Lee and of course I can’t leave out Jenna Bush, who is delight to have her as a part of my morning watch. Thanks for making each morning a delight ????!

Carolyn Calvert
Harrogate, TN.

Jeremiah pollard
Apr 28, 2018 11:04

Hi I loveeee watch Henry Danger

Jeremiah pollard
Apr 28, 2018 11:06

I’m of Henry Danger love all you guys.

Jeremiah pollard
Apr 28, 2018 11:08

I’m fan of Henry Danger love all you guys. My favorite person on Henry Danger is Ray I’m okkkkkkk!

Jeremiah pollard
Apr 28, 2018 11:08


Mary Colvin
May 16, 2018 16:14

Love you gals laugh all the time

Elaine I Edwardson
Jun 19, 2018 9:02

Love the show, so uplifting and heartwarming and funny. You gals cover everything.

Dilrukshi Perera
Jun 27, 2018 8:16

I am a staying home mom and I watch your show almost every day and I love your show very much. I have entered some many of your contests and never have won. I hope in the near future I will win some prize. I love to be on your show with my daughter. I lost my husband 3 years ago and I love to have a make over as my hair is a mess. My daughter has long hair and would love to get a makeover as she has never wore any makeup. Thank you and have a Blessed wee!! Love your show very much and Kindest Regards!

Linda Zito
Jul 30, 2018 6:27

Just like today many Mondays nowhere to enter-can’t figure this out why some people are shut out of entering.

Jul 30, 2018 12:34

YES! There’s no Entry Form?
How do we enter? It starts today.

I love your show so much!

Thanks Hoda and Kathy Lee

Diane Begezda
Jul 31, 2018 8:36

Typing in the link does not get you to the sweepstakes. Please make it easier.

Diane begezda
Jul 31, 2018 11:50

Why cant i enter the sweepstakes? Very frustrating. Is anyone working on the problem?

Melanie Calcut
Aug 1, 2018 10:52

My four boys all play baseball ?? on SIX teams (league, AAU, All-Stars) and two of them also umpire. My husband also coaches. We are a baseball family my boys dream of winning the A-Rod gifts!!

Pam Lisenby
Aug 7, 2018 9:07

The KLG and Hoda Give It Away is extremely inconsistent. They often change the way to access the entry form and, sometimes, don’t even have the contest. This is very frustrating for those who have been watching the show for years.

Katherine Patterson
Aug 9, 2018 7:19

cannot sign up for chance to win tuesdays giveaway

Blanca Mutz
Aug 13, 2018 12:16

Can’t seem to be able to connect to the KLG and Hoda give it away.

Nancy Scott
Aug 13, 2018 12:36

Ditto on all of the difficulties to enter. Ever since you changed it to Friday, I have not been able to enter. I was able to get the entry form last week, and once I completed it, a message came in saying I had already entered. No, I had not. So how do the people that win actually get entered? All I get on the site is the official rules.

Aug 14, 2018 21:44

New website is horrible for both klg and Hoda as well as the today show. Can’t find anything, stories don’t open, contests don’t open, not user friendly. Maybe I need to be a blonde, fake breast idiot to open it. Because every time I call the today show to try to find something that is the picture in my mind of who I am talking to on the phone. It’s a different person every time but none of them are helpful at all. All they say is “oh I can see what you mean but I don’t know who could help” or some variation of that. Then they hang up.

Betty Brugioni
Aug 16, 2018 14:53

I can not find connect button ( give it away)

Aug 17, 2018 6:06

Unable to enter sweepstake as well

david price
Aug 20, 2018 8:42

when are they going to open up the giveaway line so we can enter.2nd week closed

Aug 22, 2018 7:42


Aug 24, 2018 8:14

I connect with you in so many ways and love your program.

Aug 24, 2018 14:39

Have tried and tried to enter the Tuesday giv e away, but unable to enter. Ju st keep getting th3 rule# etc without any entry fo4m to fill out.

Aug 29, 2018 13:11

there’s no place to enter the give-away, its not like it was before. why do they have to change it some other way, the give-away used to be on Tuesdays now its Fridays too.. Did anybody s see how the drawing was handled this past Tuesday 8/28/18, it was awful, try an find another way to draw the entries sent in for the give it away.

Sandra C Weber
Sep 5, 2018 8:08

Thanks to Kathie Lee, Hoda and the entire staff at The Today Show for making daytime television great again. Your guests and topics are so entertaining and uplifting that I would love to watch the reruns of the shows that I missed over the years.
Sandra Weber
Louisville, KY

Sep 9, 2018 13:55

Link on page does not bring to ENTRY FORM only official rules. This has been going on for awhile and there IT staff should make sure it is working correctly.

Barbara Hennessy
Sep 11, 2018 21:00

I have given up on KLG and Hoda sweepstakes. Have NEVER been able to enter. Congratulations to those who do connect with the site.I won’t be competing against you!

Oct 4, 2018 13:50

Please pick me, love listening to your show on Sirius XM. Cheers!!

Charlene Hamman Konersmann
Dec 19, 2018 10:49

I have spent too much time I don’t have to find out how to enter the contest and find out I’m in an overflowing boat of other people wanting to have a chance to win. I get sent to PCH site NO NO NO and / or told the sweepstakes is currently closed….oh well enough wasting time…onward to something productive….Like a Nap…Thank you Regretfully

Karen Sharp
Jan 23, 2019 11:40

How do I enter contest?

Bevery Waters
Feb 1, 2019 8:20

I’m having trouble signing up. Can you please help me?

LaRisa estes
Feb 4, 2019 11:09

I love watching you two. Hate to see Kathie go. You two click so well. I do understand though. Good luck on your future endeavors

Yvonna Palmer
Feb 8, 2019 7:48

I Love KLG and Hoda. The sweepstakes sign up is impossible to do. Please Help me sign up.

Marilyn Myers
Feb 11, 2019 11:16

I have a terrible time finding the right site to enter the KLG & Hoda give aways. One day I can get rith to it and the next week its;s gone. I notice there is no answer to the many people who have had a hard time entering also.

Marilyn Myers

Gayle Christopher
Feb 25, 2019 8:59

Very hard to enter this site

connie COIR
Feb 26, 2019 7:24

I watch your show every day. I am going to miss Kathie Lee.

diane v sztabnik
Mar 6, 2019 8:59

Love kathy lee and hoda have watched every day. I am 75 now and my birthday is also in august the l7th, and I have A LOT OF YOUR SAME TRAITS,Their must be something about being a leo. I am sorry to see kathy lee go but she is doing so well doing other things and I am so happy for her. I wish I could go on the show just to see you guys but I don’t drive and its difficult for my husband. We also try to enter contests, but have not won yet but will keep on trying. You guys pick the right replacement for kathy lee., was very happy to see you pick Jenny Bush. She is awesome and Hoda. Lots of luck Jenny, love both of your parents so much. Love you dads personality, he must be such fun to be with. Voted for him and your grandpa. Will keep watching, much love and god bless. Diane

Barbara Wallace
Mar 11, 2019 8:17

I have been watching
the Today Show and would like to enter your giveaway.
It won’t let me enter. I know many other people have had this problem entering.
Please try to fix the problem.

Jerilynn Hopper
Mar 11, 2019 10:17

Thank you

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