Hunter Street Hidden Letter Hunt Nickelodeon Sweepstakes 2017 (

The Hunter Kids are so busy looking for the missing parents, they probably haven’t noticed all the letters hidden around their house so it’s up to you to find them in the Hidden Letter Hunt.

One letter is hidden in each episode of Hunter Street and each week, the letters will spell out a different five letter word. At the end of the week, go to to put together this week’s word. Spell the word correctly and unlock an exclusive video where you can get a sneak peek of upcoming episodes before they air.

Plus, starting April 3rd, you can enter for a chance to win the Hunter Street Hidden Letter Hunt Nickelodeon Sweepstakes 2017. One lucky winner will win a 3-day trip to L.A. with their parents for a walk-on role in a Nickelodeon show. Hotel, airfare, and ground transportation included plus, $500 spending money.

Sweepstakes Entry Form
Sweepstakes Official Rules

Hunter Street Hidden Letter Hunt Nickelodeon Sweepstakes 2017 (

Eligibility: The Hunter Street Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States and D.C. between the age of 8 and 13 at time of entry.

Sweepstakes Period: Begins at 12:00:01 a.m. ET on April 3, 2017 and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on April 10, 2017.

Limit: Limit one entry per person, per e-mail address, per day throughout the Sweepstakes Period.

Sweepstakes Prize: One grand prize winner will receive a 3-day trip to L.A. for four people including hotel accommodations, airfare, ground transportation, $500 spending money, and the opportunity to appear as a walk-on role in a Nickelodeon show. Total approximate retail value of the grand prize is $3,050.00

Winner’s List: To receive the name of the Winners, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: “Hidden Letter Hunt Sweepstakes” c/o P.O. Box 10505, Rochester, NY 14610, for receipt by June 13, 2017.

Sponsors: Viacom Media Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc., 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

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Comments (87 Messages)

Apr 3, 2017 13:56

Love it.

Apr 3, 2017 14:21

I want to win this.I have been watching Hunter Street. I did the letter hunt and completed it. I have been waiting for this day because I have never entered a sweepstake in my life. I am only 9 but I still want to win this. I watch this show everyday even though I have seen them. I am so happy that this show is on TV. If I win I don’t know what I would do.I can’t stop watching this show.I love the cast members and I am a really really really really big big big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 3, 2017 14:53

im hope I win even if I don’t im happy with my family it self you guys should to thanks to god

Apr 3, 2017 15:47

I going to win

Apr 3, 2017 16:37

How do you get o the page where you can type letters?

Cameron Lyons
Apr 3, 2017 17:08

I love hunter street I can’t wait to get started on finding hidden letters.

Apr 3, 2017 17:59

I love hunter street and I would love for me and my family to get to go on vacation and get away for little bit. Also I really want to grow up and become an actress. So this could be a start of playing a role to show everyone I can act, so I can play on a nickelodeon show, so I would appreciate it if there were some people to support. Thank you so much nickelodeon and all of the people supporting me!

Apr 3, 2017 20:12

I ?? hunter street and I wish I win the hunter street sweepstakes’s

Apr 3, 2017 20:14

I’m a big fan of hunter street because is 1 big adventure they have to go to find Eric and Kate and saganash wants the diamond

Apr 4, 2017 14:44

I am nervous because this is my first time

Apr 4, 2017 14:47

I just hope one of you guys or girls will be blessed to go on tv and I hope you people feel the same????

Ryanna Wilson
Apr 4, 2017 14:55

I watch hunter street every night and completed all the letter hunt and the first letter of the locked episode which is #4.

Kamariauna james
Apr 4, 2017 19:43

I find all of the words I hope I win because I What to see my dad and I’m sad????????????????????????????

Apr 4, 2017 19:47

I always loved Hunter Street even though that I’m 7 I watch the show every day I love the members like so much and I hope that I win because and I want to win the $500 and everything else that I will get because I will be the winner haaaa !!!!!!!!!!

Apr 4, 2017 21:22

I love hunter street like so much

Apr 5, 2017 15:02

I really love this show and i hope that i win

Apr 5, 2017 15:03

And i am doing this becuase my uncle just died and my aunt have canser

Apr 5, 2017 15:04

So i hope i win

Apr 5, 2017 16:23

I just hope i win becua?e i bin watching this ever señce choce awards

Apr 5, 2017 17:02

i rally would like to win and take my grand daughters thare and we have never been on a plane or vacation some what we all have never been out of state.

Apr 5, 2017 17:08

i would rally love to win we all have never went out of state or on a plane before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 5, 2017 17:57

How do u find the words?

Apr 5, 2017 18:15

I relly hope all u guys an girls wim????

Apr 6, 2017 12:53

when i seen the commercial of hunter street coming to nick I was so very excited because hunter street seemed like it would be a great show so i made sure i got to my tv before it began. When i started watching it i new it would be great and now I CAN NOT STOP watching it. I have decided to enter the hunter street sweepstakes and this is my first time entering one so I hope I win because it is ,y dream to become an actress and if i can win then that means i would be able to have An opportunity for a walk-on role in a Nickelodeon show, which would help me achieve my dream and i would love to travel to LA and my mom will be so grateful that i win cause she knows how much i want to become an actress. Believe me please also i have never won anything like this before in my life. I WILL BE SOOO VERY GRATEFUL IF I WIN THIS AND I KNOW GOD WILL HELP ME TRY TO WIN. THANK YOU for listening, I HOPE you have a great day and prey for me and my mom that we can win. THANKS AGAIN. :)??

Lauren Lynn Mertens
Apr 6, 2017 17:59

I watch every episode and I record them and were I live is in Bird Island 720,10 street I love your show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Lauren

Lauren Lynn Mertens
Apr 6, 2017 18:00

I love your show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genette Di Luca
Apr 7, 2017 5:56

I hope I win I have been on this for weeks and I am not famous.Me and my brother have been wanting to go on vacation because I have 4 month baby sister.I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 8, 2017 12:38

I have went on the hunt and i already guessed the 4 letter words

Apr 9, 2017 13:05

I win and I don’t get anything

Apr 9, 2017 17:50

I love Hunter steet it is the best show. I am sad the show is over and wish and i wish thair was a season 2 and 3 and 4.max is a good caricter but i ha te when he was mean at sophie at the same time in love it.i wish to be a singer and have a shot to shoot a sean in game Shakers trip is so cute???? i want to be famus Write now only i am 9 years old i am a big big biiiiiiig fan of nick and you get a Huge ????i hope to win a shot of beging famoso casy also so so sooooooooooooooo cute???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i am not sure who won or when somone will win so if you pick me always know i will be thankful i will always love nick


Apr 9, 2017 17:52

I am so so sorry my emogis turno into qeshton Marks and you get a thunms up

Crissy Campbell
Apr 11, 2017 14:39

I really really love hunter street I would like to win because I want to win because I really want to go to LA for my birthday summer

Apr 12, 2017 6:14

I love hunter street!!

Apr 12, 2017 16:33

did anyone win yet i have been waiting forever and wish that they would anouse the winner because it has been a long time

Apr 13, 2017 17:23

i really want to win because i really want to be a roll pf nickalodion show i akso want to know how it feels like hunter street is the best show in the world ???? im not saying these stuff just to win im saying them because i care alot about this oh and is there episode 21 i hope you pick me as the winner i will need to share it with my grandmother because she needs alot of help so please pick me as your winner im beging you

Crissy Campbell
Apr 21, 2017 21:29

Who won the game

Apr 23, 2017 15:56

I worked realy Hard in the hieden letrero Hunt I enjoyed it!

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