Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes 2016

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Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes 2016

For more than thirty years, Wheel Of Fortune has been changing lives. Each night, nearly 9,000,000 Americans tune in to watch and play along. For the passed six years, the Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes has given viewers at home the chance to win the very same prizes as the contestants on the show. And this holiday season, they are doing it again!

From November 28 through December 9, the Wheel Of Fortune is spinning in the holiday spirit! That’s right! ‘this the season to give and Wheel might have something for you too! So Wheel Watchers, have your SPIN ID ready because the Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes is about to begin!

Tune In And Look For Your SPIN ID

Watch for your SPIN ID number during Wheel Of Fortune starting November 28th, Monday To Friday only, and see if you’re a winner. Each night, three lucky Wheel Watchers Club members could win Fabulous Vacations, a Sears Shopping Spree, a new car, cash, and more so grab your SPIN ID because this year, it might be your turn to have a Secret Santa!

Remember that you have 24 hours to log on to WheelofFortune.com and claim your Secret Santa prizes. Please note that only registered Wheel Watchers Club members with a SPIN ID Number will have a chance to win all the cash and prizes, ranging from $1,000 to $90,000 in value, won by in-studio contestants.

Winning Spin ID Numbers


  1. KR7786277 Kathryn R. $68,850 Cash & Prizes
  2. AA2084480 Andrew A. $3,000 Cash
  3. CV5637000 Carol Ann V. $23,300 Cash & Prizes


  1. D7826676 Sherri D. $2,000 Cash
  2. DC5730927 Denise C. $2,000 Cash
  3. JS5375144 Jean S. $33,846 Cash & Prizes


  1. SP7215744 Sucha P. $28,700 Cash
  2. CB1088432 Carla B. $15,450 Cash & Prizes
  3. MQ7695878 Matt Q. $15,050 Cash & Prizes


  • MC6997245 Michaelene C. $132,800 Cash & Prizes
  • TS4840979 Traci S. $19,300 Cash
  • PF1283771 Paul F. $2,000 Cash


  • SR8515620 Susie R. $22,050 Cash
  • TK2561171 Terrell K. $99,224 Cash & Prizes
  • AH9358546 Angela H. $2,000 Cash


  • CK03393 Carol K. $15,400 Cash & Prizes
  • BC6883383 Betty C. $9,850 Cash
  • PC4374242 Paula C. $5,800 Cash


  • MF4941456 Maryann F. $14,750 Cash & Prizes
  • AB0649251 Andrea B. $9,800 Cash
  • LB8739011 Leslie B. $7,300 Cash & Prizes


  • CB6641804 Cheryl B. $18,750 Cash & Prizes
  • DS7728607 Donald S. $15,200 Cash & Prizes
  • VW7793731 Valerie W. $3,000 Cash


  • GR7258911 Geneva O. $45,279 Cash & Prizes
  • JH6510807 John H. $9,050 Cash
  • MM6860331 Melissa M. $5,500 Cash & Prizes

More About The Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes 2016

Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes 2016

The Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes 2016 is open only to permanent legal residents of the 50 states of the U.S. and D.C. In addition, all participants must be 18 years of age or older as of November 1, 2016 and must be active Wheel Watchers Club members.

The Rgistration Period is taking place between November 8, 2016 and November 15, 2016. There is a limit of 1 SPIN ID Number per person.

The total approximate retail value of all prizes awarded during the Sweepstakes Period is up to $708,149.00.

For complete details, including Official Rules, visit https://www.wheeloffortune.com/so-many-ways-to-play/enter-sweepstakes/wof-secret-santa.

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Comments (10 Messages)

Shirley herrell
Nov 3, 2016 16:16

Waiting to win something from my favorite game show,Merry Christmas everyone.best game on tv.

Nov 4, 2016 16:16


Nov 10, 2016 18:36

love the show

Nov 12, 2016 20:03

Watch it everyday, even my granddaughter who is 1 enjoys watching the show, she is fascinated with the colors and the spinning of the wheel.

Linda Berger
Nov 14, 2016 19:40

I have been watching Wheel from the very beginning. My mother and I always watched it together, after I would get home from work, and make dinner for the kids, then I would go across the street to my mothers, and we would watch it together. She had passed in 1986, and I feel as though we are still watching it together. I just love the show, and Vanna’s beautiful wardrobes. I will continue to watch as long as I am alive.

Doris Haynes
Nov 28, 2016 17:39

Is my Wheel of Fortune ID number the same as my Secret Santa ID number?

wilma bishop
Nov 30, 2016 13:17

my husband watch wheel of fortune daily, I do answer more puzzle then he.lol

Pam Biedron
Dec 1, 2016 14:14

Been a fan forever.
If we miss the show.
That’s it, the day is ruined.
Love Pat & Vanna.

mercedes fuentes
Dec 5, 2016 17:06

It would be nice I watch wheel every single day my friends n family tell me I’m wasting my time they only chose people with lots of money I told them no way they never ask me about my job hope they don’t make fun of me again they did last year they took me out just to make me feel.

Brenda Hamilton
Feb 18, 2017 5:03

My husband Watch togeather in the evening, we love watching , some people can`t get the puzzele but we really enjoy the fun of it.watching, and some of the beautiful place`s you go to . we our sefls dream of going some were all encluesive, we can dream. we were always we would go but my poor husband was working for a paper co. but some one in the office en
mbeseld all of the money in the four o one and when he whent into work on the door, Soory but we are closed, we lost every thing all of our dream`s are GONE!!! it is a crule World. That s why I`m entering,


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