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Eligibility : Open to individual legal residents of the United States, age 13 or older as of 6/1/11

Promotion Period : Begins on 6/1/11  and ends 12/30/11

Enter At :

Limit : ???

Prize (s) :

Grand Prize: $50,000

See rules for complete prize listing

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Comments (295 Messages)

Areeyl cooper
Dec 14, 2011 11:21

Love it ………

Dec 14, 2011 22:31

Game code: R92TF3QF2W
Twix is so mmmmmmmmmm double mmmmmm..

Dec 20, 2011 0:09


Raul colon
Dec 20, 2011 12:28

Hey pause” ummmm chocolate, ummm caramel and cookie umm great delicious”

Dec 20, 2011 19:39


Jan 2, 2012 0:27


Jan 2, 2012 18:48

well i was just hungery so i got one really dont believe this sweeptakes think there are a scam but i try it who have won 50,000 for a candy bar

Clifford Gwyn
Jan 4, 2012 20:40

Clifford G
Jan 04, 2012 Twix your taste buds with a flavorsome treat. Two caramel milk chocolate cookie bars, that can’t be beat! Game code: QMMJJJCMRT

Jan 7, 2012 17:00

Where do I put my codePYRLY2CJ2J

Jan 14, 2012 10:45

I am 99.9% TWIX driven! My code is 5PR5G9RJ7R

Miah mckinnis
Jan 15, 2012 1:16

Game code tfqg233c7

Jan 15, 2012 13:09


Jan 15, 2012 17:29

i <3 twix bars! code#3jyt5nrg75

Sandra garza
Jan 24, 2012 16:26

I want to win and i love twix

Vanessa vinson
Jan 27, 2012 20:21


Jan 31, 2012 13:35


Sirlestine Harvey
Jan 31, 2012 14:37

I really love the the twix bar!

Feb 1, 2012 18:25


melissa dowdy
Feb 2, 2012 20:11

heres my code GMW2RQ7MTT

Juan alberto lopez
Feb 5, 2012 19:57

Twix is tha best

Michelle Christian
Feb 12, 2012 11:47

I enjoy twix candy bars.

Michelle Christian
Feb 12, 2012 11:50

twix taste is diffrent than other candy bars.

Feb 12, 2012 16:30

game code: PPFGWWWNGM

Feb 12, 2012 21:00

twix! twix! twix!!!!!

Feb 13, 2012 11:34

It’s a great candy bar !!!!!!!

Linda tubbs
Feb 16, 2012 12:30


joel lyle
Mar 1, 2012 16:12

my code number is 9wngrlmm5w

Tom Egan
Mar 24, 2012 18:34

I bought one of your twix chocolate bars at Nait in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada vending machine with the idea of entering your contest as indicated on the package. I was disappointed twice and I have great concerns about buying further any of your products (Mars).

First your promoting a contest that is only available in the United States and that really made made me upset. Imagine selling a US product in a foreign country and then excuding them from the benefits of using that product.

Second the contest closed in December 2011 which strongly suggests that you are selling old and out dated products.

This sounds like you are using Canada as a dumping ground for your outdated products and promotions. I did notice that the chocolate bar did lack flavour.

Very disappointed in Mars products.


Apr 29, 2012 17:11

Game Code : N9QMC3RGR2

Patricia Coble
May 7, 2012 14:18

Do you mean to tell me that I just spent $2.00 on two Twix bars because of the Pick your Pause $50,000 chance wrapper, only to find out the page no longer exists???? I’m taking the candy bars and the wrappers back to the store.

mark williams
Jun 12, 2012 12:56

i love them twix

Christine Iandoli
Jun 28, 2012 16:40

Cngqjlnmqr hope this is where you put the code!

Jul 15, 2012 18:07

hi my name is kayla im 11 i went on a camping trip with my family. my dad only lets me have sweets some times well i went in to sheets and i have never had a twix before so they looked good i boght a4 pack i opened the bag and all 4 were crushed in to little crums so i couldent taste it at all because your truck drivers did not take care of it so i would love your compony could send me one so i could injoy a not crushed one thank you my adress is 22557 garisson drive california maryland 0619

poindexter leroy
Sep 1, 2012 14:52

TWIX is my favorie candy or cookie and ENTERED my SWEEPSTAKES game code MW9PJG2JQL

Ina Lorraine Suggs
Oct 4, 2012 17:46

Twix, two for me..none for you

Oct 17, 2012 15:41

how do i buy a candy bar and how do i get a code?

Latonya thomas
Nov 29, 2012 0:10

I have Been eating twix bars since highschool. It’s perfect with coke, now i get the 4~pack. thick caramel LUV~ itt!!

Latonya thomas
Nov 29, 2012 0:21

my code is not too clear and i went to mars chocolate north America because had the sweepstakes Expired! BUT, this Shows i am Not late…:) code wP9733926.. I’ll save my paper! thxxtwix

Dec 20, 2012 13:30

I love me some TWIX so so so so so so so so so much that i will dieny for some mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm TWIX ;0

jason hanson
Dec 20, 2012 19:43

six flags tickets would be so awsome,I’ve never been to an amusement park. come on winner

Ronald Russell
Dec 25, 2012 17:32

Really hope to get on an win this thing

Greg goss
Apr 4, 2013 15:54

Gane code L5N72JGJL

Ciara Brophy
Apr 27, 2013 14:59

I love twix bars so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

kaitlin borja
Apr 30, 2013 5:33

twix is the best among the rest…..

kaitlin borja
Apr 30, 2013 5:36

twix is the best i hope i win because today is my birthday my code isQLWP732FQ7

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