HGTV Great Fall Fix-Up Sweepstakes

Enter the HGTV Great Fall Fix-Up Sweepstakes for a chance to win $100,000 in cash

Added on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 in Cash, Daily Entry

HGTV Great Fall Fix-Up Sweepstakes

Eligibility : This HGTV Great Fall Fix-Up Sweepstakes is open only to residents of the U.S. and its territories, possessions and commonwealths (excluding Puerto Rico) who are 21 years of age or older.

Promotion Period :  Beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time (“ET”) on September 2, 2008 until 5:00 p.m. ET on October 3, 2008

Limit :   Limit one online entry per person and per e-mail address per day

Prize (s):

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will win $100,000 in cash. Total value of the Grand Prize: $100,000.

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Debra Dixon
Sep 27, 2008 16:24

We are having a little truble in designing a side yard to for a boat storage and with taste. Also in larging our patio area for entertainment. Please help with any ideas.

annie blade
Oct 1, 2009 20:05

ii am living on a fixed income, and can only fix minor repairs.
would like to be entered in your fall sweepstakes giveaway. my home desperately needs a lot of work.

terri cramer
Jul 14, 2010 8:03

Just moved and trying to put my own stamp in a house I really didnt like. House the exact opposite of my tastes. Limited budget

patricia outlaw
Jul 30, 2010 6:50

We built our house in 2000 and are in desperate need of some upgrades. I am unable to work due to a debilitating illness and our income has been cut more than 50%. My dreams of the upgrades have been shattered due to this. I would like to enter the sweepstakes and get some repairs and upgrades that we desperately need.

c w morgan
Aug 1, 2010 11:30

Hi. Since 2004 I was totaled out by Hurricane Charley ande trying to complete the rebuilding by myself. Need help in edesign and whatever else. Sweepstakes in which I maybe as winner would be real nice. I am a senior citizen who needs help.

Betty Smith
Aug 2, 2010 7:59

I am 80 yrs old and need to move to a retirement home (Continuing Care) and wish to give our home (10 Yrs old) a facelift to give it “sale appeal” in order to get full value. A profitable sale would allow us to buy into a retirement facility and give us independence. Thanks for considering my request.

mildred grimes
Aug 4, 2010 13:24

i would like to win to finish my home repairs

mildred grimes
Aug 4, 2010 13:25

i would like to finish my home

mildred grimes
Aug 4, 2010 13:34

my house needs to be finished, the guy that started didnt finishthe job. he took my money and fled. every thing is a mess.half the siding is falling off, the walls are not finished, floors are a mess holes in walls,made a mess of kitchen. all i have is a social security check each month.thanks

Mary Snow
Aug 7, 2010 14:44

I live in an older home , my husband and I have done some renovations prior to my retirement ;we now have my 84 years young mother residing with us and would love to have a nice sunporch and a few other improvements to the home …ie bathroom so that she enjoy observing nature without having to worry too much about ambulating/manuvering about and possibly falling
She is very independent and very proud..I want her to be able to enjoy her remaining years as much as she can , doing things she loves to do. She is the main reason I am entering this contest…She has always been there for me and now it’s my turn to show my appreciation and still let your maintain her self esteem and dignity.

Bonita Castillo
Aug 20, 2010 10:21

Hi, the reason I would like this, is for my daughter. She has lost both legs, due to being a diabetic since she was three, she is now 47 and has a very small house and can not get around very well at all. Right now I’m taking F.M.L. to help take of her, but cannot afford to continue to do this very long. The money would be used to make her home larger. Thank’s

gail jacobs
Aug 20, 2010 10:29

Gail Jacobs
8/21/10 Our roof wasn’t put on correctly and it leaks from one end of the peak to the other .
You can see where is starting to cave in along the vent.I am so worried the roof is
going to fall in.the upstairs & downstairs leaks
I have Breast cancer and going through chemo & my husband is on disability. Our
house is 2 story W/ a steep roof so it will take more than we can afford to replace.
If you would consider us it would truly be a blessing.

Pam Bonin
Aug 24, 2010 18:15

I need to win this to fix up a few things in my house. My shower is growing mold and needs the walls repaired. Also my front door blows open if there is a strong wind. I live in Nebraska where it is always windy! I have new windows to put in but need help getting them installed. My Dad died before he could get them finished. Thank-you for your consideration.

jeannie davis
Oct 7, 2010 9:20

We need to win to pay for our debt….we are 67 years and still working hard.

Oct 16, 2010 9:28



Jan 9, 2011 3:29


Sondra Waggoner
Feb 23, 2011 21:43

My Dad is 91 years old , he was a Master Sergant in World War II, and still loves to work in his yard, however, he really can’t get our big yard fixed the way he would like, It’s a big slope and he has all ready tipped the riding lawn mower over trying to mow it. My Mom is 87 years with Aliz. I work full time and live with them as their care givers. We all love to work in the yard and they had a beautiful yard in Pennsylvania where they lived their whole married lives. They had huge garden and canned and had beautiful flowers. Dad still plants flowers every spot he can find and plants tomatoes in our back flower bed. They miss that beautiful yard like they had with real grass and not mostly dirt where grass is hard to grow and I would love to let my Dad and Mom, too see a beautiful yard again.

Christine Anderson
Jul 29, 2011 11:38


Hope You can help me, I live in the house Jack built. My son and my Husband but mostly my son thought he would do thing over Bathroom, Deck and other thing my Kitchen is just awful, my front porch is not done. I started taken up my tiles on the kitchen floor . I need help I’m a recovering cancer patient, have COPD I’ll wear a mask to Paint. Nothing get’s FINISHED in my home. Can You Please Help?

Thank You

A True Fan of HGTV Christine Anderson

anna roman
Aug 2, 2011 9:33

We have our mom living with us and we have two projects we would like to tackle one is a yard for her and the other is adding a bathroom to her room. She is truely wonderful and my husband addores her as much as I do. She has raise all nine of us kids and hasn’t a place she can call her own in over 30years! She has always put her kids and grandchildren needs first. We cannot afford to do either but welcome ideas and any help possible. We take in one foster child a year and she has to share the bathroom which she doesn’t mind but would prefer her own. She loves to garden but since we live in the dessert we have jackrabbits who seems to outsmart us all, They constantly get at her plants. We have a beautiful home on an acre . My husband and I work many jobs to keep it and make ends meat. I don’t want Mom to leave this earth without having one of her dreams come true. We live for HGTV, the TV is on at least 12 hours a day on that channel there isn’t a show we don’t watch. My family and friends tease me and say why do I get all the other channels if that is the only one I ever watch. Every room in my house can reflect something I learned or currently working on from a show on HGTV.! I would even love to show how HGTV has changed my work place!!!! Aloving and devoted fan!!!!!
ANNA Roman

john peters
Aug 7, 2011 16:05

my wife became disabled after a lifting accident about 8 years ago and i would like to make our home handicap ready for her. her bathrom especially needs a new arrangement so she can use it without falling again. our roof is leaking and the decking below it is about to fall in. we need new flooring where we have carpet again so she won’t fall.all of the doctors bills , medicines, test and insurances have taken a toll on our family funds. my company i have been with took away my insurance and i’ m sure they are about to go out of business. i am 58 and it has bveen haerd finding a new sales job, putting three daughters through college and taking off to take my wife to all her doctors because of her traumnatic braiun injury. we have a 1000 square foot building i would like to install a theraputic pool in, the doctors say that would be the best therapy for her so her muscles don’t atropy. there is not enough room to explain what we have been through, however this money would be a God send. thank you so much for listening.

Eve Loze
Sep 26, 2011 6:44

The On A Mission Sweeostakes Promotion was under Added Today. When I started to enter it said sweepstakes is already over. Why put it on the website under todays sweepstakes?

Jan 3, 2012 10:22

My son in law and daughter are both in the military serving our country. She is in the Air Force and is currently stationed in Goldsboro, NC and he is in the Marines currently stationed in Havloc, NC and deployed to Afghanistan. When he is back in NC they live in Goldsboro and he commutes over an hour each way back and forth to his base. Between his commutes and they very different work schedules they get little time together. I was hoping there was some sweepstakes where they could win a yard makeover. They bought a new home in Goldsboro and have been making renovations to the interior but just haven’t been able to do the exterior. They would love to have the help. Due to their different branches in the service they have been married for 2 years now and have only benn able to live together for about 6 months. Since they were married my son in law has been to Afghanistan twice. Please help them!

Alvernon McGee III
Mar 5, 2012 14:53

Hello HGTV:

Alvernon McGee III
Mar 5, 2012 15:02

Hello HGTV

My name is Alvernon McGee Im a 26 year man just trying to make a home for myself. I baught a house about a year ago in St.Loius MO. and i just recently just put a roof on it.Now its gutted out and dont know what to do next. I also payed an electrecion to rewire my whole house and he ran off wit my money and my im alittle down but im trying to just keep my head up and keep going. Its still alot of work to do and im a full time single father on top of working fulltime and I just need help or a blessing. Thinks for reading HGTV love all of your shows .

Love Alvernon McGee III

debra homan
Apr 25, 2012 8:16

Our yard will take more money to landscape than we have, it desparately needs lots of dirt to fill in areas and many other repairs. Please help.

Jul 31, 2012 17:19

My mom and I need ya’ll. Due 2 a back surgery that did not work,I am living at my moms house,my uncle also lives here and his isn’t in good health either. My mom is the only one who works and she works 7 days a week! She wants to have separte space,but she can not afford it,plz help us,anything will be much appreciated!

Sep 7, 2012 7:27

My turn for something wonderful.. A senior citizen can use a lot of help. thanks please help. time is passing and the bones won’t keep up any more.grandma ruth

Mary Leehan
Sep 23, 2012 11:14

We are an elderly couple on a fixed income. Our 1968 house needs so much work and there is no
money for repairs let alone renovations. We still have a mortgage and our home in it’s present condition
would not make us any profit. In other words, we can’t afford to move but are constanly worried about
what might go wrong next. Dispite all it’s problem, we love where we are and would like to stay here
as long as possible–relatively free of worry. Thankyou for this opportunity, and am praying that someone
who truly needs help will win. Sincerly Yours:

Marsha Voelker
Sep 23, 2012 21:21

Our house was built around 1950, we are trying to remodel it, I watch HGTV to get ideals.

kay alfir
Oct 7, 2012 20:15

love the show backyard needs rescued

Laurie Dubron
Oct 19, 2012 12:16

Our kitchen and two bathrooms need a makeover. The tile we were told would not crack on the counters and floor 20 years ago, have, indeed , cracked and our bathroom sinks and cabinets are in need of repair. Would sure like to have some financial help for these redos so we can enjoy them before we have to sell our home that we have been in for 31 years. We are living on socail security and, although my husband would go back to work in a minute, there are few jobs for surveyors needed in his field. He is a very young 74.

Robin L Meadows
Oct 31, 2012 17:48

My husband and I bought our first house last november ,late in life. We,re both in our 50’s. It was move in ready,but we would like to change a few things and add on to our very small kitchen. The upstairs has a pull down staircase and is not finished. It is a huge space. This 1952 home has great potential. We would like to have it remodeled while we still have time[if you know what I mean/] Can you help us?

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