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Win $100,000 to remodel your kitchen and bath any way you want in the DIY Ultimate Kitchen & Bath Giveaway Sweepstakes

DIY Ultimate Kitchen & Bath Giveaway Sweepstakes

Eligibility : The DIY Ultimate Kitchen & Bath Giveaway Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the U.S. and its territories, possessions and commonwealths (excluding Puerto Rico) who are 18 years of age or older

Promotion Period : Beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time (“ET”) on October 27, 2008 until 5:00 p.m. ET on November 24, 2008

Limit : Limit one (1) online entry per valid email address, per eligible person, per day

Prize (s):

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) in cash to be used towards materials and tools in order to remodel Grand Prize Winner’s kitchen and bath as a do-it-yourself project. Total value of Grand Prize: $100,000.00.

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tim devlin
Apr 15, 2009 18:15

hi diy my name is tim devlin and i have been trying to renovate my kitchen for a few yearsbut have not been able to do it due to my wifes health . i have saved for the kitchen project but my wifes cancer has returned.i am looking for help now with caring for my wife and children and working i can not spare the time . if there is anything that diy can do for us we would be greatly appreciative.thank you

robert altman
May 13, 2010 10:37

in desperate need of a new kitchen and bathrooms, have redone several rooms but afraid to tackle these alone.

tina thompson
May 18, 2010 1:15



Bonnie Hearld
Jun 5, 2010 9:45

Please help me!!!!!!!!! My kitchen needs up dated so badly. I have a small kitchen and would like more cupboard space and make it look bigger.

Thank you,
Bonnie Hearld

tina thonmpson
Jun 22, 2010 0:02

please refer to previousd plea sent by myself.

Carolyn Craig
Sep 26, 2010 8:04

Thanks for a chance

rRebecca Powell
Nov 13, 2010 18:49


sonny viers
Nov 29, 2010 17:06

i have a house built in 1953 on one side in the front the house is sinking about 4 inches.and the back is about 2 inches,there is not a level floor in the whole house,the roof leaks,none of the doors close,because there not squared,the kitchen sink is piped into my back yard,when the wind blows the windows rattle,i have screw in fuses,lord knows i need help,and to think in 15 more years this place will be mine.i am on ssi and make $674.00 a month.when i see people spending 10 grand on a bathroom make-over i think to myself wow, thats half of what i paid for this.thanks to dyi ihave started on my bathroom renovation.

Donna Jones
Jan 11, 2011 17:21

The house was built in late 1890s. I am in desparate need for help for house repairs, especially the kitchen, bathroom, roof, plumbing, electrical, and the front porch and front steps. The house also has mold that I am trying to get rid of, because the smell is literally making me sick. But I’m trying to fight it. I wear a mask while I am at home to help with my breathing. I am disable and unable to get the repairs done because of financial troubles. I pray that someone can give me some help on repairs so that my standard of living and quaity of life can go up somewhat. Thank you.

Bertha Golden
Feb 1, 2011 13:18

My husband and I bought our first home about five years ago and desperately need a kitchen makeover. We are in our early 50’s and just recently adopted three of our grandchildren. Our kitchen right now is 10 by 12, very small and we love to cook. We have five children of our own whom are all on their own and we have a total of sixteen grandchildren. Every holiday and football game days are at our house. Eight of the grandchildren love to help Grandma cook, but I have to trun them done because of space. If I allow one or two to help the other are really mad.

Please “HELP”, we are in need of a bigger kitchen

Bertha Golden

Feb 21, 2011 7:02

My house was build in the 70′ I would love to have a new kitchrn and bath.

Mar 22, 2011 11:58

We are new parents to a 13 month old. We moved into this house last July. We have turned the house around with small projects one at a time. My husband has a bad back, so we have to get everything done from somewhere. And I work full time, with a little bit of commute. So we don’t get any time to do anything around the house. We would love to have a little upgraded kitchen. The kitchen is the center of our house. We want to make it more modern and more spacious. Not a whole lot of storage but room for improvement. Between my son and my demanding job, i don’t even get time to take a nice long shower. Would really appreciate some help into remodeling our kitchen the way we want to. Thanks.

Dave Ostoin (541)999-4435
Apr 21, 2011 10:43

How in the heck do you get your name in on the $100,000 give away. The link does not work, and my computer skills are limited. Can we do easy hookup?

Gary Bruins
May 23, 2011 18:53

Please help me! I started to renovate my bath room but ran into mold issues and don’t know what to do. I am mentally disabled and have a hard time focusing.

Linda Poppen
May 28, 2011 9:05

Love, Love Love your information

Jul 28, 2011 12:57

i need help with remodel bought house from auction had to gut intire house. but finances are not good i do construction but havent had any work. have 5 kids and been staying with my parents in a three bedroom house so if you can imagine 5 kids in a room 6 by 10 you know what im going through, now city telling me if i dont get house livible soon they are going to tear it down and charge me to do it, has aspestice siding so can you imagine the price i would be charged to have it tore down. have replaced all the windows and front door, i have all the electrical stuff but cant install till i have insulation and dryall cause of thiefs, i tore off roof on back of house, sheated it and felt papered it but need shingles, still have to redo front part of house. so im askig for someone to please help me through this

Aug 17, 2011 8:19

I watch your show every day. Hope to hear from you. I would love to have my bath and kitchen redone. We have lived here for 45 years with no up dates, except for painting. Thanks

Heather lentz
Oct 27, 2011 16:53

I despretly need help on my kitchen and bath the I have a four year old and trying to conceive another one and I’m washing dishes out of a dish pans and my bathroom sink don’t work and my fridgarater leaks water I have to put it on the carpet so it want ruin my kitchen floor please diy help us

Oct 31, 2011 17:02

my mother has enter your giverway and now she is 85 year old she pray that you would come and help her so she want have to go into nursing home icant live with her my family is to big i live in apt i would go and live if everone had a room she dont want anyone in her home but family so if you could help i know you are not able to help everone so if you can we would appreciate god blessyou leeper family

Nov 1, 2011 20:29

my mother is 85 and bought a home five years ago idont belive she didnot understand what was going on. the house has a lot of problems i have try to help get the liveable but it is not much i can do you see iam also disable too so my funds limited. if there any thing you can do to make my mother last comfortable would be greatly appreciative. thank you for your time and god bless

Lisha Evans
Nov 5, 2011 10:26

Please choose me to make over our bathroom it looks like something from outter space and needs a big make over. I have seen the make overs that yall have done for so many people on the show , just hope I get to be one of those people.

Pauline Witbeck
Nov 6, 2011 19:31

I’m sure you have several people in need of help of remoldeling their kitchen, and I’m one of them. My cupboards are falling off the ceiling, although I did fix one side, the other side needs the same thing done and I’m not able to do this at this time, also the shelves inside are falling down. The drawers are falling out the bottom, and not built very well, as well as the appliances are not working well. So you can see that with a kitchen like this, I would love to have a makeover. Hoping I’m on your list. Warmly, Pauline

Jose Diaz
Jan 27, 2012 5:40

My name is Jose a retired vet living in the Fort Campbell area. I was just med retires from the army after 7 years of active duity and two deployments. Me and my wife bought our first house 1 year ago, a fixer upper in Clarksville Tn. After getting med retired from the army for injurys while deployed to Iraq, we feel like our home will never feel like a real home. I know its hard times for everyone out there. We have a two small children and two dogs and a big house that is so out dated, it was built in 1992 and is in bad shape. I have done alittle updating but not much due to money. Me and my wife love DIY we watch it all the time. If there is any programs that you know of that can give us a home make over that would be a dream. I know my home could look so good, it has a lot of poetical. Thank you for making great shows and keep up the hard work, I look forward to watching more.

Dan DiCenso
Jan 31, 2012 8:29

I have an out dated 8′ x 9′ kitchen that is in need for an update. Also a 9′ x 5′ bathroom that needs work. Pick one or both and knock yourself out.

charles h. schwenke
May 19, 2012 8:17

my kitchen and bath needs a comlete makeover.

corina lewis
May 28, 2012 0:17

i have awsome ideas especially since i started watching your show 24/ 7 and could really use this money to make huge changes in my house !!! please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 2, 2012 13:17

Hi to all those who are writing to DIY. I don’t believe you are on the correct site to connect with them. This is a link from sweepstakeslovers.com to DIY’s entry site. The $100,000 sweepstakes is over. The bath and kitchen remodel is over. DIY is constantly running great sweepstakes but go to DIY’s site and look for them their. They are full of other helpful info to get projects finished. Between DIY and HGTV you will find a complete library on home improvements, remodeling, finishing up projects that went haywire as well as easy ways to do things (compared to say Home Depot or Lowes).

So, please don’t waste your time on the wrong site. Look up above at the URL string and see who’s web page you are on. Oh, also DIY and HGTV have people that will answer questions about how to get something done if it isn’t already listed in their extensive on-line “library”. Use their search engine inside their sites to locate the information you need or want. It will direct you to the correct area and give you choices. I am 54 and disabled but I still continue to rely on both sites heavily so as not to get ripped off as well as get ideas that I can do.

Don’t go to a sweepstakes site to contact the actual companies running or offering the sweepstakes unless they are sweepstakes questions. They aren’t familiar with DIY or HGTV. They are a great place to find out about sweepstakes that are offered by these types of companies and many, many others.

Hope this helps!

Mary Anne Lynum
Jun 6, 2012 18:31

We are weekend warriors remodeling our 1947 built home. We have gutted it ourselves and starting over. Need loads of help.

kathy wright
Jun 8, 2012 4:09

help!!!! need a makeover bad!!

sherry wentzel
Jun 11, 2012 17:25

We have never owned a house for more than 5 years. My husband does not believe in renovation and its driving me crazy!

Ouida Hingle
Jun 14, 2012 15:34

Just a note to say that I truly need some work space. We live in a doublewide modular home and are both on social security. No way can we afford anything new and revised without a financial boost. my son and daughterinlaw live with us as they lost their home and also a daughter that sufers with fibromyalgia and can’t work lives with us. Needless we have a house full and not much help. It would be really nice to win this sweepstake. God bless. O Hingle

Ivar K Enge
Jun 29, 2012 22:22

Up here in Alaska it take a lot of money to do a remodel.

sintia gonzalez
Jul 9, 2012 20:31

my husbanand and I bougth a house in 2010. The house is very tiny 750sqft in a 6750 lot. 2bd 1bath. We have a 4 & 5 year old kids and a new baby born on 4th of July. House went down about 70,000. We can’t refinance and don’t have money to do remodeling or expand. My eldery parents and my sister live with us. We had to buy a portable toilet since there is only one bathroom in the house. Anything you can do to help us out.

eric manning
Jul 18, 2012 9:01

i became disabled wiih 11 surg on my knee the house we lived in was built in 1928 and i just got done remolden the hole house the kitchen was last i got it just the way my wife wanted it but she got laid off so we had to move in 2007 the house we found was everything we wanted but the kitchen is out dateded well it turns out that my wife got breast cancer so the money we were going to update the kitchen we used to pay bills then in 2011 i had open heart surg and about one year later i was found to have cancer my self so for me to give my wife the kitt@bath that she once had would be the best thing i could give her for taken care of me

eric manning
Jul 18, 2012 9:07

i became disabled wiih 11 surg on my knee the house we lived in was built in 1928 and i just got done remolden the hole house the kitchen was last i got it just the way my wife wanted it but she got laid off so we had to move in 2007 the house we found was everything we wanted but the kitchen is out dateded well it turns out that my wife got breast cancer so the money we were going to update the kitchen we used to pay bills then in 2011 i had open heart surg and about one year later i was found to have cancer my self so for me to give my wife the kitt@bath that she once had would be the best thing i could give her for taken care of me please enter me in the 100.000 give away

jeanette bentley
Jul 30, 2012 8:13

Hi my name is Jeanette, I have been down on my luck for years, my mother had passed away from cancer which is my best friend, her boyfriend of 20 + yrs passed away 6 months to the date, my husbands father passed away unexpectly, then grandparents and now my brother who was 44 yrs old this year passed away of Pulminary Fibrosis. We have had so much heartache and pain and my husband is out of work and we raise his son together with no help from his mother. I work two jobs just to make ends meet and our kitchen and bath are falling apart and now on top of that we are having electrical problems. I go home crying night after night praying for a blessing , please be our blessing…..

Kimberly Anders
Aug 26, 2012 16:26

My husband is a retired army captain. He was in and bombing in Iraq and suffered a traumatic brain injury and other injuries as well. He deals with PTSD as most of our service men and women do. He received a purple heart. He also had a parachute accident which injured him and he just had two major back surgeries this year. He is limited in what he can do, He has been denied social security disability for the 2nd time now. Our house was built back in the 1980’s. My husband bought it in 2009 and couldn’t fix it up because he was going to physical therapy, dealing with his PTSD, and going through a bad divorce. Our kitchen is dark because it only has one window. I scraped 3 layers of wallpaper off of part of the walls. Underneath the wallpaper, the wall is sponge painted with 4 different colors, The cabinets are old and ugly. The countertops come right off. I’m not sure how many layers of linoleum is on the kitchen floor and it’s broken in places. The fridge is wedged between the countertop and a wall. The floor underneath that may be rotted because our icemaker leaks. The appliances need replacing. The dishwasher doesn’t work. The bathroom is just as bad. The commode works half the time. The cabinets are old. The drawers are hard to pull out. There is also linoleum on the floor. There are many people who need a new kitchen/bathroom and will be grateful to win this contest. God Bless what you guys do for people.

walter mikita
Sep 9, 2012 8:02

this would be awesome

Michael Chronister
Sep 19, 2012 14:49

We have been trying to give our old farm house a new kitchen and bathroom for years but can not aford it. the sink leaking the floor is bowing the cubards coming apart.

Thank You, Mike

Linda Taylor
Sep 23, 2012 18:11

We are in desperate need of a makeover. This is our first home and we have lived in it for over 15 years. When we bought it, there were renters in it with a large family for over 20 years and did not take care of it. We bought it as a fixer upper and with the economy, haven’t been able to do the things we would love to do. We are in need of updating. Our bathroom stucco is chipping away each time I try to take a bath. We have chunks in our walls missing. The window leaks each time it rains and has warped the wood. Our kitchen needs help as well.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Linda Taylor

sandra sims
Sep 27, 2012 19:59

Im now living in the house that I grew up in so now I would love to update it its a 3 bed room one bath and my plans are to knock down the middle bed room wall and connect it to the back bed room to make larger add a walk in closet and if possible add a full bathroom if not able to connect a bathroom I would like to have my bathroom updated.The house is a 1947 house made kinda funny the Kitchen was move and pipes are in the middle of the house where you cant push the bathroom back because the kitchen use to be on the other side o my the whole house needs help please help me plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.com

Jerry moore
Sep 30, 2012 8:05

Need Total whole house makeover please HELP

Barbara Smith
Oct 8, 2012 15:55

Thank you so very much for giving me achance to win somrthing very nice that iwould never be able afford. I do not want to sound like a broken record but i just want you to know how much i apperciate this with all my heart. Thank You so very,very much. God bless each and everyone of you. Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith
Oct 8, 2012 15:59

Thank you so very much for giving me achance to win somrthing very nice that we iwould never be able afford. I do not want to sound like a broken record but i just want you to know how much i apperciate this with all my heart. Thank You so very,very much. God bless each and everyone of you. Barbara Smith

charles collins
Oct 11, 2012 10:37

Love DIY show. Helps me alot

Oct 18, 2012 4:12


donna davis
Oct 25, 2012 21:30

my name ia donna i need and bath and kitchen makeover i live in an tailer and the bathroom is smaller is for an single person me and my boyfriend move together and that’s why i need and makeover so please pick us thank u

Lynn Babcock
Oct 27, 2012 6:59

Help. My kitchen had pink cabinets and turquise laminate counter tops. My husband was just deployed and I want to remodel it by the time he gets home!

Juliette Cagnolatti
Oct 29, 2012 1:59

My husband and I were married four years ago, and we both have homes on the same street, three houses down from one another. I inherited my home from my daddy, my daddy knew my husband for over 35 years, that is how we met, smile. My daddy has since passed away and this would be in his memory if we won. Both homes were built in mid to late 30’s and are very, very outdated. This would be a dream come true as I love, love, love to be the kitchen cooking, baking, dehydrating, canning, making Kombucha, etc. The kitchen is where I spend most of my time creating wonderful things, the other half would be spent in the bathroom, LOL, Well, some of it anyways.

Thank you for this opportunity.
Juliette Cagnolatti

Demetrio Ponce
Oct 31, 2012 11:05

I have been watching the diy network for many years and allways enjoyed all the episodes I hope I win.

Demetrio Ponce
Nov 1, 2012 16:12

I have entered many sweepstakes I hope this is the one that I WIN , so my mothers kitchen and bath can get a well deserved upgrade.

r. dean fletcher
Nov 3, 2012 7:26

hey diy i’m dean fletcher my house is completeiy gutted.need all the help i can get.

Donna Doose
Nov 5, 2012 6:31

I have a small kitchen, in a 1951 house. Would love to open up the walls to bring in the dining area and living room to one great room. the wall between the living room and kitchen really close off the space. Entertaining with that space open would be dream as everyone always gatehers in the kitchen.My late husband Dave and I had great plans to remodel this space. Unfortunatley he became ill and passed away 2 years ago, now there just isn’t the money. Winning this sweepstakes would help to realize our dream.

chasity frye
Nov 6, 2012 11:48

Hello DIY, im chasity frye. I live with my parents in bloomingdale ohio, and they own there home. They have lived here for about 6 years now, this house is an old one, whole place is made of concrete, so this makes it hard on my father and mother to add on not knowing what to tackle. There kitchen wall is literally falling to pieces, i dont know why..maybe water damage..I suggested to tear down that wall and make a island? but dont know how to or if its even possible without killing ourselves..lol My parents in there 60s shouldnt do this so im trying to help, if u have any ideas how to make this project easier or could help OMG it would be SOOOO appreciated!! I dont want to think this cant be done and that my parents may need to look upon moving soon if this is something bad in the walls..My parents kitchen wall is falling to pieces i need help DIY!!! plz plz thanks you for reading this:)

barbara fennell
Nov 7, 2012 18:57

I could really use the help in getting my renovation completed! I have a nasty kitchen, and bathroom downtairs and I am trying to convert my upstairs kitchen and living room into 2 bedrooms for my children.

James Callen
Nov 9, 2012 21:48

MY husband is a disabled vietnam veteran and we are in need of a a new floor and cabinets for our kitchen. we had some flooding in our kitchen and the floor is in bad shape and also the cabinets. we are not financially able to pay for the repair’s.

Thank You

martin a wozniak
Nov 10, 2012 14:11

i would love to surprize the wife she watchs the show and she does not beleive you pick the common family

David Delaney
Nov 12, 2012 8:26

My wife and i are trying to help pay to put our 2 boys thru college one is a freshman and the other a junior. we would love to get our kitchen and bath renovated but we are tapped out when it comes to money we dont want the boys to get out of college and be in a huge debt hole so we are paying for as much as we can for them. thanks diy you guys and gals are great !!!

Patricia Reid
Nov 12, 2012 11:57

Old out-dated kitchen that really could use some TLC!

janice clark
Nov 13, 2012 6:15

we need to remodel our one bathroon and would like to add a bathroon to the master bed room, but money is tight. we have done most of the work in our home ourselves. we have learned alot by watching diy and also gotten great ideas. we have gutted our kitchen and put in reclaimed oak flooring, new cabniets, insulated the outside walls and we are very proud of our work. we would like to win so we can finish the work on our home this is the last to do. our home is 100 years old. we are trying to bring it back with the older features. thanks for giving us a chance to complete our dreams.
thanks janice

James Brown
Nov 13, 2012 6:35

Hope I win , I watch diy every day since I got a bad disease and cannot work anymore.

Val Rechin
Nov 14, 2012 11:46

Our house was built i the 1800’s…….enough said,updating and good new construction needed for sure. Thanks for offering this contest.

Nov 14, 2012 11:58

I recently bought a nice house until you walk into the kitchen its out dated, the fixtures are not working or too gross to use the counter is worped and leaking. The bath rooms they all have horrible wall paper with big flowers on it, ugly counter tops and wall mirror (dated) a whirl pool tub that has never been used too big and gross, the shower fixture are broken also. Can’t renovate because I have to get to work in another city and all of our money go on gas. I am also taking care of my grandson on top of all of these problems.Love my new home but can’t afford to renovate. HELP US MAKE OUR HOME BEAUTIFUL INSIDE LIKE THE OUT SIDE.

Frank Martin
Nov 14, 2012 20:20

Please help or my wife will make us move! We have a small galley kitchen with two different color counter tops, we’ve slowly been buying all new appliances and started to work on the attached breezeway to expand the kitchen. The truth is I would love to move the wall between the kitchen and bath and move the kitchen into the kids bathroom and make the breezeway the new bathroom/ mudroom, but it is way above my pay grade. I bought all the exterior doors, siding, and stone to match the house, I reshingled, I’m out of time and money and winters closing in.

Demetrio Ponce
Nov 15, 2012 10:23

I need this money to do my mom”s kitchen and bath plus rest of the house.

bobby chatham sr
Nov 15, 2012 11:49

Our home in desire needed up dates . It has not been up dated in over 20 yrs.

diane sutherland
Nov 16, 2012 8:41

love your show I wish I was able to work on my house but can’t due to my health but I still watch your show & dream. diy fan Diane

Elaine Moser
Nov 16, 2012 13:39

I have worked hard all my life for everything we have without any handouts, but I have a very not functional kitchen and a bathroom thats way out dated….I would love your help!!!!!!

Peggy Weldon
Nov 17, 2012 11:25

Hgtv is on all the time at our house. everyday I see another idea , but our Kitchen is a mess and I am just lost on where to start HELP

Tracy LaSalvia
Nov 17, 2012 11:29

Need new kitchen desperately. Original kitchen of 65 year old home.

Suzanne McGreevy
Nov 17, 2012 11:36

We had money put away for a kitchen remodel & then the recession … Need I say more ?

agnes draves
Nov 17, 2012 13:11

i would love to win your sweepstakes . we have a ranch built in the 1950’s . we love the location but we have 5 people and only 1 bath .i have chronesdiseaseso the one bath is a problem, i also have copd and we have some mold problems so that can be bad, also .we could use an updated kitchen and a second bath.

Carol Graham
Nov 18, 2012 11:45

Thank you for the opportunity to enter your $100,000 sweepstakes
However, I could not scroll down to give my
correct State of NC or enter the rest of the info
required. I do wish everyone the best (including
me) in this wonderful contest. Thank you for
the opportunity to win. Carol Graham

Michell Miners
Nov 18, 2012 18:13

I need help with my home.

Debra Jarrell
Nov 19, 2012 9:57

Lord willing this could be mine. My home was built in 1970 and with that style. I even have glitter on my roof! lol with the diy knowledge you share, and my somewhat skill, I will accept the challange. I might need to tape it and put it on Am. funniest videos tho. lol Before and After will be posted. (should I win.) :)

Nov 19, 2012 15:23


Nov 19, 2012 15:25


Nov 19, 2012 15:26


Kelli Downs
Nov 20, 2012 8:20

Oh my gosh, If I could remodel my kitchen and bathrooms I would be the happiest person on the planet Earth. I am a teacher and coach for middle school kids and have five kids of my own. You can only imagine how busy I am. With my teacher salary I do not have the income to hire a professional, so I am left to do it on my own. I have done the easy stuff, popcorn ceiling, crown molding baseboards and new paint. I cant imagine tackling the HUGE job of the kitchen and bathrooms. They are so dated and awefullllllll. House was built in 1976. I still have the original white tile in the kitchen and green marble counter tops in the bathrooms. Please Help

Val Quitral
Nov 22, 2012 21:45

Love Danish Mod would love to have a kitchen bathroom update.

Nov 24, 2012 9:24

My husband and I love to cook!! The kitchen is where our family comes together!! We love entertaining for the holidays and having all the family at our house! That being said we have a very small kitchen and dining room. We have a growing family that is growing out of it!! We live in a house that my grandfather built and will probably live there for the rest of our life!! So we have no choice but to update and expand! The problem of course is financial. My husband was laid of from Goodyear four years ago and had to go back to school. He has graduated and is now a nurse but now all our extra money is going to pay off student loans. So a kitchen remodel is completely out of reach. After reading some other entries on here I felt like there was no way I would even try because so many others are more deserving. But it is something that we dream about everyday so I thought i would give it a shot! Good luck to all!!

Carol Pegg
Nov 24, 2012 12:08

DIY… I would love to have my kitchen and bath given a makeover!!! I would rather be able to pay for it myself, but it’s not possible. I have a galley kitchen. Very, very long, but not wide enough. When I entertain for my family, there’s not enough room for them to make trips in and out of the kitchen without bumping into each other…they are a great family, too! I lost my job back in June after 23.5 years due to our American Steel Company going out of business. I am 56 and currently unemployed since June of this year. It’s not easy finding another job — not at this age. When I watch DIY on TV, I dream, dream, dream, and fantasize, that maybe that that could happen for me someday. Normally I like to give and not receive… so it’s not easy entering into this contest. But, I would like to see one of my dreams come true.

With Love…Carol

Jill Struchen
Nov 25, 2012 1:56

I just wanted to enter but then there were a lot of things I would like & I was only allowed 2 items.

Nov 25, 2012 13:12

We have lived in the country, in a one room cabin for the last 6 years with a small, unfinished kitchen that was once an exterior porch and no bathroom.
That is right, we have a camping port-a-pot in a corner of the cabin. All bathing is done at the kitchen sink and that is how it is.
I would love to have a real bathroom and see my kitchen finished, dust boards and trimwork where needed to properly weatherize our cabin. For the last four years, the ceiling is made of exterior moisture wrap in order to keep the insulation in the rafters and keep fiberglass out of our food preperation.
This is a location that we planned to retire to years down the line. But due to difficulties that came up, we had to close the doors to our business, retire early and move to the cabin. It would be nice to see it done. Right now, it is like a glorified camping trip and there is no opportunity to say “Lets go home, … oh, yea, we are home.” It is a difficult way to live and we both have limitations due to disabilities which slows the development of these areas.
Yup, … ya gotta see it to believe it.
If we are selected for this sweepstakes, our lives will be greatly changed. Not only would I make sure of a completed kitchen and bathroom, we could have a well put in so we wouldn’t have to haul water any longer.

Glenda Frank
Nov 25, 2012 13:44

My husband and I live in the country. We started a one room cabin years ago and slowly worked on it until we could retire down the line. That day came sooner than we thought it would when we had to close the doors of our business and take an early retirement.
We utilized a portion of our porch to build a kitchen, and after 6 years, is not completed. Such items would include: the ceiiling is covered with exterior moisture wrap to keep the insulation from falling into our food preperations and to keep it in place. Trimwork to weatherize and finish off the floors and ceilings. (I am always fighting dirt that blows in through the cracks.) Increase cabinets and countertops for storage and work space.
And I still have no bathroom. We are still using a camping port-a-pot in the corner of the cabin. All bathing is done at the kitchen sink. I can honestly say, I have not had a shower in 6 years. (Sad, …isn’t it?)
Both of us have a physical limitations due to disabilities which slows the progress in these areas.
At best, our lives here is like a glorified camping trip. And when it is just too much to handle, you cannot say, “Lets go home now. Oh, yea. We are home.” It is a tough way to live at times and physically demanding.
We do not have a well and haul our water every two weeks. And we live up to an hour from any town for shopping for supplies.
I don’t need fancy, .. I just need something to function the way it should.
With our limited income, this is all it is going to be. PLEASE, … we need your help to make life livable.
Ya gotta see this to believe it.

Nov 26, 2012 21:42

Not only do we need a kitchen redo due to living 12 years with cabinets that were not made properly with drawer glides bending and breaking, cheap plywood pullout spice racks, improper cabinet finish with globs of polyurethane, and much more………..We also need a master bath redo due to the shower being build improperly causing grout and mold problems and much more……..

Nov 27, 2012 10:51

loveto watches the show in what little spare time i have,would love to win this generous offer as my kitchen and br is outdated needs serious updating and remodeling i need a new counter top and storage for the kitchen appliances, the br alsi is in need of serious repair. home is a ranch style with no basement only a crawl space. it would be a wonderful opportunity see yu great builders in action. thanks for the wish thw need is great.

Vergie Fay Harvey
Nov 27, 2012 15:44

I’m so excited there are promotion and giveaways out there

r. dean fletcher
Nov 27, 2012 18:12

thanks for a chance.this would help alot.

Mary Ann Michael
Nov 28, 2012 14:13

We love to watch DIY and despertely need a bathroom remodel because of my major back issues

Nov 28, 2012 18:36

thanks for such a offer to us folks who cannot at this time afford to upgrade their home .to win this would add such a value to my home . the home was build several decades ago and is in need of repair.

Lynn Flom
Dec 1, 2012 11:20

MY 92 year old mother in law lives with us. We have 1 bathroom. My kitchen is small we need more room… PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee Mercer
Dec 1, 2012 12:02

I love watching your show, especially at end of the show when the finished room is revealed.

r. dean fletcher
Dec 2, 2012 6:49

thanks hope to win

Nancy Lucas
Dec 2, 2012 9:19

hi dyi i am a 70 year old and i am trying to renovate my kitchen but my health wont ley me and i would love to have a kitchen that would work for me thank you Nancy Lucas

tabitha bowman
Dec 2, 2012 16:57

hi diy my name is tabitha bowman i live in kentucky,i have been trying to remodel my kitchen and batheroom but just having problems and money to do it, i just dont like my bathroom its to small i think been trying to get my husband to remodle but its not working and i dont no nothing about remdoeling anything and my kitchen well lets just say its out dated it needs a new look and my bathroom does to. so if you could would you please help us get the look that i always like to have so i can have family over again right now i just dont ask any body to come over because of the way it looks. thanks tabitha bowman and the family. oh by the if you need to get ahold of my heres my number 606-561-9303

marjorie garland
Dec 4, 2012 6:04

hi my name is marjorie i would love to have a up to date kitche and bath but i cnt do because i dont have the money and cant get a loan because i have had bad luck with my job and trying to pay my bill but i gald to be a live

Dean DeGreve
Dec 4, 2012 20:23

We watch DIY every day because we are going to remodel our bathroom and kitchen. We watch to get ideas as to what materials are available to enhance our projects. The problem we have with your program is that you are always knocking down walls to make the rooms bigger. We have a galley kitchen with no walls to knock down and a bathroom that is backed up by the kitchen and bedroom. What can be done?

Your thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

Gary Rinaldi
Dec 5, 2012 6:49

Our house was builder grade and requires a designer makeover. Don’t know where to start but could use the expertise offered by DIY

russ kalcivic
Dec 5, 2012 10:08

hi diy. me and my wife, with help from family members built our house from scratch about 9 years ago and there are somethings i would like to do alittle different. with ur help it could really be great and as all ur projects beautiful

Dec 7, 2012 12:00

As a war veteran, who never won anything, I thank you for the chance. Win or loose we are in the best country in this world.

Susie Q
Dec 7, 2012 16:45

When we ordered my kitchen to be done just like the model…they turned a deaf ear to us and put in the cupboards they want too not ones we ordered. The stuff is cheap and coming OFF all the doors. suppose to be redwood cherry…been so long I forgot. Would love to get those into real mode and get rid of these. Floor is too dark too…shows all my blond hairs :( thank you DIY

r. dean fletcher
Dec 8, 2012 18:59

thank you for a chance to win. this would help alot

r. dean fletcher
Dec 9, 2012 16:40

thanks.hope to win

Shirley Mcguire
Dec 10, 2012 9:34

I am 75 and I live in a very nice double wide but nmy house really needs some updates .And at our ages we cannot afford to do them but it sure would be nice, Social Security does not leave anything to update with. What a wonderfull way to start a new year with a home in the 20th century.

Diane Burn
Dec 10, 2012 11:06

Can’t Wait

r. dean fletcher
Dec 11, 2012 3:19

thanks !! this would help alot

Shelly Reel
Jan 2, 2013 11:31

OH!! you guys I am so gonna keep trying to win this sweepstakes!!!!! My husband and I so love your show we will sit and watch one after another as we record them all. Actually we have also learned a few tricks of the trade from the show as well.So if you do indeed read this message PLEASE know we need this so bad,my house is old and really does need some TLC!!! So come to my house and lets get this party started!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You,Shelly Reel

r. dean fletcher
Jan 4, 2013 4:37

thanks for a chance

joyce cooper
Jan 8, 2013 18:40

I need to win becuase my need help to have a nice kitchen I have live in dumps all my marrid life so please help me my bathroom needs helpas well !

james teague
Jan 14, 2013 5:49

in the near feuture will be takeing care of my mom,need to fix bathroom up for her. thank you.

Kelly Boyd
Jan 22, 2013 10:58

Please remodel my bath room. The tub floor has a crack and we have to keep Appling adhesive just to take a shower. Our sink can not be used because it is clogged.we have used a snake and liquid Plummer but nothing deems to work. Also there is a hole in the wall where someone has taken out the medicine cabinet.please help!

emelda rush
Jan 24, 2013 22:00

my kitchen really need help and my bathroom too it would be a blessing to be chosen thank you.

Jan 29, 2013 22:15

My husband and I bought a house about 8 years ago. From the get go, we have been taken advantage of. House is falling part and built poorly. Water leak after a year and no access to tub that was leaking. This ended up with a hole in my son’s wall, floors messed and a dent in my pocket book. We have both been hard workers our whole life but just can’t seem to catch a break. I would love to tear this home down and build my dream home. Anyone want to take the job?

Isaac Walker
Jan 30, 2013 16:34

Just bought a fixer upper home and it has become a lot more than we bargained for, this money would help us out immensely I hope I win!

patti McEwen
Feb 12, 2013 11:02

My husband and I have both been on disability for a couple of years, now..It is very difficult to renovate a 1911 small galley kitchen and and unfinished dining room wood floor which would probably look great with a redo. My husband has RA, COPD, AND A HAS HAD BACK SURGERY, along with multiple reactions to the meds he has to take. I have several problems, as well including a bad back and neck. My husband tore a great deal of the wall down in the kitchen and started to renovate but then he “blew” his back and incurred RA on top of it. He has done so much over the years but now he can’t. Our kitchen floor looks typical to the several layers of old tile showing..ugh…My brother-in-law built us some cupboards and also one for the sink area, which is separate. It is still sitting in the basement for around 7 years. He died 4 years ago of Leukemia. We don’t have family that can do the “bulk” work and we can’t sooo..we pray and wait. My kids feel bad as they live hours away and can’t visit enough to help as they work long hours and also, my son goes to college. It’s very frustrating to look at this stuff especially when we have the boards to put up in the kitchen that we purchased years ago but we can’t afford the “back” board, trim and paint: and also the flooring. the oven fan died years ago and is ugly:)..ah well…we are not the kind of people to beg as we believe good things will come when it’s meant to. My husband saw this and wanted me to write about our situation…Thank u so much listening and God bless all u do for others. :)
Patti and John McEwen

p.s. we have a sidewalk that needs replacing as our water line broke and we couldn’t get the cement replaced. Our porches had old rusted railings that were literally “blowing in the wind” lol, but he took them out and put a board ont he siding on the other side for support. The cement porches have been painted many times and the one we use the most is literally breaking apart. We used salt on the porch and didn’t know that that would ruin the cement! Live and learn…there’s more but that’s enough for now…thanks so much. :)

Susan Metcalfe
Feb 17, 2013 13:03

I love diy network and would be so blessed to win money to have someone come in and remodel our ugly bathroom! My fiance’ and I are both disabled and would greatly appreciate a new bathroom to complete our home.

Marshall Beebe
Feb 22, 2013 13:54


Feb 26, 2013 9:03

I see you have heard it all,THANK YOU.

joyce cooper
Mar 19, 2013 17:02

please help me to fix my kitchen it is a mess to see also my bath is to small i need a BIGGER bathroom im on a fix income so i cannt take care of it my self i just dont have the money to do it

JoAnn Wyatt
Apr 20, 2013 15:43

Love watching shows like DIY and Love it or List it. And any remodeling of homes. They just never seems to have them in my area. Love to have bahroom done. Cause house is 53 yrs old and still original bathroom and tile. And then plaster walls on top and tile all around. Love to get the shower of my dream and make bathroom look more like a spa not a nightmare.

Roger DeArmond
Apr 29, 2013 7:46

We are six brothers who have struggled all our lives an living together in a house two brothers went in on together.we desperately need to remodel esp after the frat atmosphere we created has grown into adulthood wed like to restore the house for our brothers.in return for letting us live here.only we will never be able to do this without your help…. Please consider us.thank you.

Sheila Moles
May 11, 2013 6:30

Miracles do happen!!

Pauline Witbeck
Jun 18, 2014 9:52

Is this contest over?

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