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Enter at for a chance to win a 2012 Chevrolet Special Edition Camaro Synergy and a trip to the Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, AL !

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Eligibility : Open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are at least eighteen (18) years of age or the age of majority in their state of residence, whichever is older, as of the date of entry.

Promotion Period : Begins on February 20, 2012 at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time (“ET”) and ends on March 20, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Enter At :

Limit : You may receive one (1) Sweepstakes entry during the Promotion Period through either the Promotion Website, or Facebook.

Prize (s) :

ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: The Grand Prize includes a car, and trip as described below:
a. A 2012 Chevrolet Special Edition Camaro Synergy. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $ 45,780.
b. A trip for two (2) to the Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, AL. Trip package includes round-trip, coach-class air transportation for two (2) from a major airport near winner’s home (determined by Administrator in its sole discretion) to
a city near the Talladega Superspeedway (determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion); three (3) nights’ accommodations at a hotel determined by Administrator in its sole discretion (single room, double occupancy); two (2) tickets to the NASCAR races scheduled to be held at Talladega Superspeedway on May 5, and 6 2012 (terms and conditions apply, seat location determined by Administrator in its sole discretion); ground transportation between airport, hotel, and the NASCAR races; a meet and greet with Tony Stewart; and $500 spending money. ARV: $4,000.

Winner List : For a winner list, visit The winner list will be posted after winner confirmation is complete.

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Comments (128 Messages)

Amanda Johnson
Feb 26, 2012 13:26

Im trying to enter in the sweapsteaks, all of them that I can, for trips n cars, tvs, entertainment centers, systems. Thank u for your time.

Paul Rio
Feb 26, 2012 14:53

The Camaro is out-selling the Corvette.

Priscilla Crockett
Feb 26, 2012 14:55

What a dream prize.Those Camaros are awesome and I love the car.

kathy weber
Feb 26, 2012 17:51

would be great to win since my car is 24 yrs old

sidney oswald
Feb 26, 2012 19:31

want to win

cheryl Jinright
Feb 27, 2012 18:31

Would really love to meet Tony Stewart he is my favorite driver

milton nall
Feb 27, 2012 18:33

Luv to win old dirt tracker devoted NASCAR fan

marshall harmon
Feb 27, 2012 18:33

a winner

Don carlson
Feb 27, 2012 18:34


david newman
Feb 27, 2012 18:34

i would park it next to my first year 1967 camaro.nice bookends.

douglas wartluft
Feb 27, 2012 18:34

i love the new camaro best car ever made go tony stewart number one fan

Jay Parker
Feb 27, 2012 18:35

I would love a new camaro, I had a 78 back in the 80’s Thanks Jay Parker

Jayne Bishop
Feb 27, 2012 18:35

Go CHEVY! Go Hendricks Motor Sports–Dale Jr to win at Daytona. Would love to go to Talladego Superspeedway!

Sherry GRay
Feb 27, 2012 18:36

I have a son that serves our country in the United States Air Force. He’s been to Afghanistan. He’s about to deploy again in June. When he was at the Air Force Academy, he was so “southern” that his superiors called him “Nascar”…. they would make him say … whew, Nascar. And then they would laugh at him. Who’s laughing now. He’s a pilot. WHEW…. AIR FORCE. We do love Nascar.

pat clark
Feb 27, 2012 18:37

love this stuff

Richard R Smith
Feb 27, 2012 18:39

I would love to win that Camaro!!!

Brad Taylor
Feb 27, 2012 18:40

I really need this car, I’m 44 years old with 4 kids and a beat up Saturn with no frontend, times are tuff

Gene Kops
Feb 27, 2012 18:41

Maybe I can win it before I buy it!!

Mark Van Noy
Feb 27, 2012 18:42

That would be the best thing that could ever happen ! Ever ! I will never
Drive anything without the BOW TIE on it. Meeting Tont Stewatr gould be just
As cool too !

Terry Hanna
Feb 27, 2012 18:42

Will it be mine?

Joe Flocchini
Feb 27, 2012 18:44

Good luck Tony, that Camaro would look good next to my 73 Camaro.

Feb 27, 2012 18:45

so pumped for the contest want to win

Mark Van Noy
Feb 27, 2012 18:46

Chevy is the best car or truck ever !

Jan Whitehead
Feb 27, 2012 18:46



Danny Jewell
Feb 27, 2012 18:47

Tony Stewart is #.1 To win a Camaro and meet Tony would be to cool ! I need!

Gary A. Anderson
Feb 27, 2012 18:47

I want to own a camaro thats newer then mt 81 camaro

Andy Baker
Feb 27, 2012 18:48

Camaros rock!!!!!!!

Joe Flocchini
Feb 27, 2012 18:50

It would be nice to win a new camaro.

theodore popee
Feb 27, 2012 18:51

I have a 1922 chevrolet tourning car (restored) would like to have a camero and go to the races 74 year old race car fan

John Robertson
Feb 27, 2012 18:51

Love to win it for my wife, Gina.

Michael Jackson
Feb 27, 2012 18:54

I have a 1998 z28 Camaro with 130 thousand miles on it still smoking mustangs and dodges when I get time to go to the track

anthony j olesh jr.
Feb 27, 2012 18:55

the new camaro is the sweetest ride on the road take it over 10 mustangs ! and i”m TONY STEWARTS #1 fan thisn would b a dream come true !

Steven Howard
Feb 27, 2012 18:57

Four year old grandson would love to ride around town in a camaro just him and papaw looking cool. Well at least one of us would. Thanks

John Robertson
Feb 27, 2012 18:57

My wife would look good in that camaro.

Michael Jackson
Feb 27, 2012 18:59

I own a 1998 z28 Camaro still as strong as the day it was born over 100.000 miles and still whooping mustangs and dodges tails at the track love the muscle cars love the new Camaro Chevy. Is as strong as baseball and American pie thank you

Nancy Bullet
Feb 27, 2012 19:01

Awesome car!

Timothy Almestica
Feb 27, 2012 19:26

Love the camaro

karin smith
Feb 27, 2012 19:31

car would be the icing on the cake but really want to win trip to race for hubby he would flip out

ryan gilbert
Feb 27, 2012 19:36

im ryan and i would love to get a new camaro because i curently have a 93 z28 cluncker camaro and everyone makes fun of me but i still love it! i would love to get it because im a senior and it would be the greatest kick start of my life!!

John Kistler
Feb 27, 2012 19:38

lost my 13 year old son to cancer this past May,have not had any thing exciting happen for me to be happy about this would bring a smile on my face to meet Tony Stewart!

Davida middleton
Feb 27, 2012 19:45

Chevy#1. Gotta love that camaro!!!!

alfred swader
Feb 27, 2012 19:48

I love G.M.

luckey bradberry
Feb 27, 2012 19:48

GO JR> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Brogan
Feb 27, 2012 19:49

Love to win once in my life

Ginger rouse
Feb 27, 2012 19:50

watching the datona 500 GO Earnhardt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

e. burton leonard jr
Feb 27, 2012 19:50

its about time i won. Thank u Lord!!!!!

Patti Glade
Feb 27, 2012 19:50

I really need a car!

Jerry Parrish
Feb 27, 2012 19:51

I just Love this sport !!!!!! Thank’s Guy’s. JP

alfred swader
Feb 27, 2012 19:51

G.M is #1

Debra Passmore
Feb 27, 2012 19:51

This site is currently down for maintenance.

Please check back in a bit or click here to continue on to

how can we enter if website is down?

michelle skains
Feb 27, 2012 19:51

I’m entering the sweepstakes so I can have a chance to meet Tony in memory of my mom who was a bigger race fan then me!

Bill Glade
Feb 27, 2012 19:53

I really need a car!

gomer sexton
Feb 27, 2012 19:54

i have always loved camaros sence the seventy.

Mark A. Hopkins
Feb 27, 2012 19:56

Winning a camaro would be a dream come true ,such a awesome car !!!!!!

Glenn McMillan
Feb 27, 2012 20:05

If you don’t know toooony, you ain’t my homie

Gary Zercher
Feb 27, 2012 20:07

What a great Grand Prize!! Nice work. I hope I win it!!

nancy miller
Feb 27, 2012 20:08

It would be a dream come true to have owned a 69 ss chevelle and to have won a new camaro!!!

Darren C. Barnett
Feb 27, 2012 20:11

Tony Stewart, Talladega and a 2012 Chevy Camaro Synergy-”PRICELESS”, GO #14

Peter Osselburn
Feb 27, 2012 20:13

I like to meet Tony Stewart and go for a ride in the new camaro.

Tammy Smith
Feb 27, 2012 20:15

My first car (23 years ago) was a camaro. My dream car! Thanks Chevy, with a little luck I will leave others in the dust!

Feb 27, 2012 20:16

This will be my frist time entering a sweapsteak. I hope I will get lucky. Thank you an old Nascar fan

Antonio Ortega
Feb 27, 2012 20:17

Camaro5 Ssick… Team Stewart

anthony j olesh jr.
Feb 27, 2012 20:24

The new camaro is the sweetest ride on the road i”d take it over 10 mustangs ! I’m Tony Stewarts #1 fan and winning this would be a dream come true !

Antonio Ortega
Feb 27, 2012 20:37

Camaro5 Ssick team Stewart…

Feb 27, 2012 20:49

A chance to ,win camaro

Bill Javorka
Feb 27, 2012 21:17

This is really a great contest, I’m a big Tony Stewart fan,we share the same birthday all though many years
apart. It would be something to win the Camaro but more special to spend some time with Tony

Anthony Villagomez
Feb 27, 2012 21:30

I would love to win the 2012 Camaro and watch the Nascar race at Talladega!!!

Michael T.Quail,
Feb 28, 2012 1:16

I’d very much love to win tickets to The ‘Talladaga Superspeedway Race’ and to ‘Top that Off’, get a chance to meet one my most favorite drivers, Tony ‘Smoke’ Stewart and mabye if i’m ‘Lucky’, get to meet his other two drivers, ‘The Rocket Man’ Ryan Newman and Nascar’s,”Most Daring Damsel”; Danica Patrick and Not to Mention, a Brand New 2012 Chevrolet Special Edition Camaro Synergy worth almost $48,000.00 smackaroos!!! Yea! That would be a Fantasy come true for this Race Fan of over 45 years, and it would be my Second Nascar Track that I have had the privledge to watch a “Live Nascar Race”… Las Vegas had been my ‘First’ and home track for years since its inception; actually my IronWorker Local in Vegas did quite a bit of work to get that track up and running, but since then I had moved back to Pgh.Pa.; home where Grandchildren and nieces and nephews and siblings are all still living and since 2009 I’ve had to watch Cup Races from the tube. Who knows this may be my Lucky Year, I’ve just got a new replacement hip put in me, stemming from a work injury; an mabye by the beginning of May, I’ll be in great shape to go watch my Favorite Sport, and at my Favorite Track; ” 2.66 DAGA “!!! ‘Thanks for the chance to get this Opportunity’!!! Michael T.Quail,….Hailin’ from; Butler, (Pgh.) Pennsylvania!

Dorothy Mixa
Feb 28, 2012 10:48

Can’t seem to enter this sweepstake!

Feb 28, 2012 13:46

I love the new camaro I can win it before I buy it…. I love you camaro!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 28, 2012 13:58

If I win this camaro then I will give away my toyota camry…. I love new CAMARO you are the HERO..!!

Larry Harrison
Feb 28, 2012 15:51

I would love to have ared camaro

john zdrojewski
Feb 28, 2012 16:56

this is mine

Samuel Mawyer
Feb 28, 2012 20:36

I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Stewart in Richmond Va. his first year of racing in the Nascar Series. Was given the opportunity to meet and ask him a question at a General Motors event at the race. I knew then he was destine to be a Star in the sport. The young man is like a sponge when it comes to racing, he asorbs everthing and puts it to use !!!~~ Keep your Bow Tie Chevy up front Tony and please keep Rolling on to Victory Lane !!!~~

Feb 29, 2012 18:19

I am unable to enter the contest.

Victor Beletzky
Mar 1, 2012 11:01

We are a proud american Chevrolet owners family.
Dad= 89 Camaro Iroc Z-28
Mom= 07 Monte Carlo SS
Son= 08 HHR
Daughter= 05 Cobalt SS

Jeanie Potter
Mar 2, 2012 7:13


Mar 2, 2012 9:52

wont let me sign up

Sam Desjardins
Mar 2, 2012 17:31

I had a 1995 Camero, dark red, black rag top: Ooo La La that car was nice too look at, and drove like a dream. I think it could read my mind, a slight touch of my finger and we turn on a dime. My partner made it sail once, not recommended… we drove a wedding couple around in it, that was fun, and it even helped carry a flag when a veteran came home from the middle east. I miss that car. I’d like another one please ;).

Mar 2, 2012 18:33


peggy Robinson
Mar 2, 2012 19:35


Joe Bizub
Mar 3, 2012 9:21

Go Tony.

Mar 3, 2012 11:49

What kind of bullshit is this? When you go to camaro synergy .com it tells you a problem was encountered and you must shut down your websie. What gives ?

Caroline Aydelotte
Mar 4, 2012 14:12

Pick me!!!

james pitchford
Mar 4, 2012 14:13

Wow, that would be the greatest thing ever.

james pitchford
Mar 4, 2012 14:14


roger hulsey
Mar 4, 2012 14:15


Wayne Rickard
Mar 4, 2012 14:17

A new camaro would be an awesome car to have and to drive.

Steve Hemenway
Mar 4, 2012 14:19

Tony S. is one of my favorites. Being a former racer, I like the fact that he is now the owner and driver as I was, I know the cost of having a race car.

Jason Atwood
Mar 4, 2012 14:30

I Love NASCAR!!!

peggy Robinson
Mar 5, 2012 7:29

camaro this would be awesome

Judiejean Hoxie
Mar 5, 2012 10:06

Absolutely love the new Camero – would love to drive around all over Orlando, FL so everyone could see the newest version – Make my dream come true !!!!!!

Debbie Hensley
Mar 5, 2012 12:11

I dont have a car so winning this would be a dream come true for me.

veronica Ouzounian
Mar 5, 2012 13:31

awesome car

Mark Bell
Mar 5, 2012 17:06

PLease, My car is junk!!!!

Joe R. Shutts
Mar 7, 2012 10:01

Would love to have another Camaro while I’m still able to get into ONE. Tony, (SMOKE) is my favorite.

Debbie Hensley
Mar 7, 2012 10:16

We dont have a car so it would be great to win this.

Anna Figueroa
Mar 7, 2012 12:33

want to win….

Johnny Jones
Mar 7, 2012 19:12


peggy Robinson
Mar 7, 2012 19:44

pick me pleases

Mar 8, 2012 12:00

After multiple attempts – this website does not work. I think they want everyone to enter via Twitter.

Mar 8, 2012 14:47

Wow what an awesome giveaway thank you hope I win.

chris phillips
Mar 9, 2012 6:47

this would be a great trip for my son and myself

Betsy McPhee
Mar 11, 2012 13:11

I would love to win a 2012 Chevrolet Special Edition Camaro synergy

Dan smith
Mar 11, 2012 13:12

Cause I never won anything so sweet

doug allen
Mar 11, 2012 13:14

tax’s . need to know if i would be on the hook for tax’s? am a county school district worker don’t make alot.

ernest quicksall
Mar 11, 2012 13:14

have never won any thing.

arnie bustamante
Mar 11, 2012 13:19

camaro is the car to be driven.

kathy wilson
Mar 11, 2012 13:30

Well don’t know if this is for the contest or not ..but would just absolutely love to meet Tony Stewart ..been watching an he’s been my driver for long time..go Tony go Tony go Tony..oh yeah bring on The Smoke..:)Love NASCAR:)

Mar 11, 2012 14:10

My son’s car has over l50,000 miles and he needs transportation to student teach, he would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee
this car!

Mar 11, 2012 15:00

would not mind winning the car, but to meet Tony Stewart sheeeit, that would be awesome.Oh yeah did i say the car would be a plus! Thanks to you all and Tony this could happen.GOOD LUCK!

Keauntae Jackson
Mar 11, 2012 19:11

It would be a blessing to win the camaro and meet the one and only Tony Stewart

Mar 12, 2012 10:06

Great contest!!

Frederick Pearson
Mar 12, 2012 11:02

I live eat Nascar.

Mar 13, 2012 15:25


Dani Priebe
Mar 18, 2012 11:58

Go Gordon

larry stark
Mar 19, 2012 20:44

would love to win this whole package. i can’t wait to take this car out on the open road and what a trip of a lifetime

Jenali Graham
Mar 22, 2012 4:11

Sending love to the Camaros.. Sexi cars..

Mar 30, 2012 17:35

love it

Mar 31, 2012 8:01

oh my lord i love it and need it

Apr 1, 2012 22:35

I did!!!! I won the package!!!!!! I got a call on the 27th telling me they emailed me on the 21st telling me i had won, went back and looked and low and behold, there it was!!! I’m waiting on the tickets and travel info i’m assuming sometime this week and then late may/early june is when i should expect the car!

john pokrant
May 23, 2012 12:07

love racing

Corey l Miner
Aug 21, 2012 10:51

Love chevys never had a car be the sweet sweapstakes to win like to have a black and yellow car or what ever to go with my truck.

nathaniel abernathy
Aug 21, 2012 19:17

my dad past away a few months ago. winning this car for my step dad would bring us closer.

Peri Wildcatt
Sep 25, 2012 19:42

Please pick me !

Peri Wildcatt
Sep 25, 2012 19:44

Please pick me! haha

Hannah farmer
Mar 2, 2013 12:49

I love tennis and play in a ton of tennis turnaments

Hannah farmer
Mar 2, 2013 12:50

I love tennis and play in a TON of turnaments but sadly I can’t play right now I have a wrist injury and have to get an MRI on Monday for it can’t wait to play again ):

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